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Battery Suddenly Over Heating/Running Down

I have a MotoX (Series 1) taht I've had since it first came out. Wife and i have identical phones. Recently my phone has started using the battery up in half a day, sometimes sooner. I note that the screen will become active (get brighter) every few seconds and suppose that this is the issue. what setting or app may be causing this?


#1 Doug Morrow, May 16, 2018
Time for a new phone or battery
#2 Dannydet, May 16, 2018
Check your device ambient settings that may have a fluctuation of your device brightness, also it's a good idea to see what apps are running in your background under data usage that may be high battery usage apps. But if your phone is roughly 5 years old or longer it may be time for a new device but if it's not and you can fix that just by removing certain apps that has high usage you.
#3 KBU2, May 16, 2018
The Moto X came out in late 2013 so unless you've replaced the original battery since then, it's not surprising that its not able to hold as good a charge as it used to. Your phone does not have a user-replaceable battery but if you're a DIY type, iFixit has a nice step-by-step guide on how to replace it:
Note that there's a lot of adhesives involved so be prepared and use the proper tools.
If you take it to some service shop to have this done, it shouldn't be a major expense for something like this but don't forget to consider the costs to have it done for you vs. applying that money to just buying a new phone. If it was only a couple of years old it might be worth investing more money into having it fixed up but being almost five years old now you might want to upgrade to a something new or newer.
#4 svim, May 16, 2018