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Root Battery taking forever to charge?

Without doing anything special to my phone lately the battery will take forever to charge. I plugged it in last night at about 20% or so at around 11 pm, and this morning right now its only at 84%? Is there anything that can help this? Clear battery stats possibly?


#1 Sleepingsirens, Feb 18, 2013
Is it standard capacity or extended? Do you have battery monitor widget installed? What is the charge mA? It could be that you are drawing a lot of current for some odd reason, so it can only charge a little bit.

Are you using AC charging? Does the phone acknowledge that it's AC charging? Go into the power options under settings and confirm that it says AC charging.

Battery Monitor Widget should clear up how much current you're putting into the battery.

I've never experienced what you describe, but I can tell you that my 3400 mAh battery will charge to 99% in a few hours, and then take another couple of hours to reach 100%. It's like getting to 4100 mV is easy. Getting up to 4269 mV takes forever.


I changed a few instances of mAh with mV above.
#2 Palmetto Fellow, Feb 18, 2013
it does state that its AC charging and im not sure what the charge mA is (charge miliamps?) but the voltage says 4.251 but i thought the battery was a 3.7v battery? atleast the stock battery
#3 Sleepingsirens, Feb 18, 2013
All single cell Li-ion phone batteries are 3.7 V, you charge at a higher voltage. Safe ranges are usually 3-4.2 volts for discharge/charged conditions. :D
#4 OverByter, Feb 18, 2013
Just download battery calibration or go into the recovery and wipe the battery stats. That should do it.
#5 SuperAfnan, Feb 18, 2013
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#6 nsciucco, Feb 18, 2013
You might want to try a different USB cable. The one that HTC provides with the phone is pretty flimsy with little or no stress relief and a couple have gone intermittent on me. I've found the $2 molded cables on eBay to be more rugged and reliable.

#7 ramjet73, Feb 18, 2013
I'm usually below 50% when my battery reaches 3.7V.

You know those AA and AAA batteries? Alkaline are rated at 1.5V, but it really only stays there for the first 10% or less of its life. It spends the most time at 1.2V which is why all rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are 1.2V.

I suppose the same applies to our phones. It may be a 3.7V battery, but that's probably the normal operating voltage. It gets quite a bit higher, and I've even seen mine drop below 3.122V before reaching 0% one time. 1% is usually 3.5V for me.
#8 Palmetto Fellow, Feb 18, 2013
Really..?? I find the HTC cables very strong compared to the Samsung ones i have .. the HTC one seems thicker
#9 nsciucco, Feb 18, 2013
It's actually the nominal/no load voltage of the batteries chemistry, alkaline/zinc oxide is 1.5V, ni-cad/ni-mh is 1.2V, and li-ion is 3.7 V for single cell.
#10 OverByter, Feb 18, 2013
I don't know about thicker, but they are not molded cables and there is no strain relief where the cable goes into the connector so they tend to fray and become intermittent over time.

#11 ramjet73, Feb 18, 2013
Idk what mine is, but it was $4 from amazon including a LED keychain light, and its thick as hell and works fine
#12 xstefen, Feb 18, 2013
thanks guys for the help, i ordered a new battery since this post and same problem, turns out it was the charger cord -_- well looks like im gonna be looking on amazon for some monster strong cables, any suggestions?
#13 Sleepingsirens, Feb 24, 2013
I bought a "Genuine HTC Charger" from Amazon but it was fulfilled by a 3rd party. It wouldn't deliver more than .125 mA or charging current. I think it was even less than that.

The USB cable and AC wall portion both looked genuine to me. They were either defective, or counterfeit. I think I paid about $6 for it. Amazon took it back no problems.

If you decide to get a replacement OEM HTC charger/cable, make sure there is a solid return policy in place ;)

Anything other than the OEM means you gotta do your homework. Try to find people who have both tried that product and actually CONFIRMED that it charges at full speed. Don't settle for the phrase "works just fine". Ask for the actual charge current (mA) if you can. Also, make sure it says AC Charging in the battery screen.

I have many USB cables that only charge as a USB cable because those pins aren't shorted out like they should be. Actually, the shorting usually happens on the AC portion...as if you short those pins on the cable itself, i am not sure that it will work as a USB cable anymore.

If you do end up with a charger that the phone can't recognize as AC, and you don't want to mess around with replacing it, if you get a Kernel with fast charge enabled, Kernel Tuner lets you toggle this function, and even with those pins being non-shorted, you can still likely charge at full current...but again, the gauge of wire in the USB cable can also limit your charging current.

I've basically decided to stick with genuine OEM HTC chargers and USB cables. I have 3 complete AC chargers, and I think 2 additional HTC USB cords from my 2.5 years as an Android owner.
#14 Palmetto Fellow, Feb 24, 2013
You can also save a lot of wear and tear on both the usb port and charging circuit on the phone by using an external charger. Works great for regular and extended batteries plus you don't have to keep swapping just to charge, one fully charged in the phone, another fully charged in your pocket and a 3rd being charged externally. At any given time I'm guaranteed to have at least two fully charged batteries available for use. :D
#15 OverByter, Feb 26, 2013