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I don't know if it good or bad. V20 battery stayed at same level for longtime after I took off from charge and rest juice finished very fastly. It is third time I'm getting.


#1 umesh2509, May 5, 2018
Your V20 isn't that old so while the battery could be failing that isn't likely. If things have been more or less OK and then just recently became a problem, it wouldn't be surprising the source of whatever is going wrong is just a temporary glitch. Try just powering off your phone and then restarting it, this resets everything.
Also, if you look at the Settings >> Battery menu, is there anything that shows up as using a lot more battery power recently?
Your V20 does have a user-replaceable battery so replacing it is a last resort option.
#2 svim, May 5, 2018
I had to Factory reset my v20 cause of some other problem.. Since then my battery lasts muuuuch longer.. Maybe you could give it a try.. A lot of apps work in the background and drain battery...
#3 alex23lg, May 16, 2018
Yes. There is something cool about starting fresh.
#4 today, May 17, 2018