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General BBC media player/any radio app cuts out when in background

Ok, got a problem with the BBC media player, Radioplayer and TuneIn apps.

They start playing fine but after 10-15 seconds of me going to my home screen, they cut out. The apps are still open, but the stream cuts out. When I swipe down to my notifications I get this error message when I try and restart the stream on Radioplayer "The network is not currently available. Please reconnect and start the stream again." I've attached a screenshot of the error.

I've tried going into Smart Manager > battery > details > Radioplayer and disabling the app power saving setting, but it's done nothing.

Any help would be great thanks!


#1 Adam Ray, Jun 30, 2016
From your screenshot, I can see that your Wi-Fi is turned off. If you are streaming without using Wi-Fi, you could be losing your connection due to lack of bandwidth.
#2 Snakeyeskm, Jul 1, 2016
I've tried it both with the WiFi on and off and the radio is still cutting out when it's in the background
#3 Adam Ray, Jul 2, 2016
Try turning "okay Google" detection off. See if that makes any difference. Please post your results.
#4 Snakeyeskm, Jul 2, 2016
Just tried that, no difference in the radio cutting out after about 10-15 seconds after I press the home button to put it in the background
#5 Adam Ray, Jul 2, 2016
Do you have power saving turned on?
#6 Snakeyeskm, Jul 2, 2016
Yes I do. Just tried it without power saving on and it seems to be working ok! Thanks for your help
#7 Adam Ray, Jul 3, 2016