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Accessories Beats by Dr. Dre compatible

Don't know about the specific brand but I use blackberry headsets on mine and can make calls with them. They also work on the iphone so I'm pretty sure it's generic format.
#2 NAYo2002, Nov 17, 2010
Save your money.
#3 Vaseline Smith, Nov 17, 2010
I dunno, i've tried about every headphone brand but the Beats and the general consensus is they are sick. My roommates got them and I have tried them a few times (not what i would consider a test) and i LOVE them.

OP, what specific ones are you talking about??

Any headphone can be used to hear a conversation, im assuming you are talking about specific beats that have a mic built in??
#4 NoShftShck16, Nov 17, 2010
the beats tour have a mic, dont know if they are compatible...i hope you're not dropping $160 on headphones just to make calls lol...hope you're listening to music too
#5 crazyg0od33, Nov 17, 2010
beats by dre = overpriced, consumer-grade headphones. absolutely nothing special except the price tag.

you want some killer headphones, find the local music instrument store (guitar center or what have you) and get some good quality sony, AKG, synnheiser, or audiotechnica headphones.
#6 ikediggety, Nov 17, 2010
Let me start off by saying I would never buy these headsets and I never heard of them before this thread


Can't the guy just like these headsets without everyone telling him they are junk.
#7 b1gg134, Nov 18, 2010
Would you want to buy a car and find out it is a total piece of crap or save your money because people told you it was before you bought it?
#8 drdoom, Nov 18, 2010
I have the beats tour and they work just fine with the phone I can talk with them but mine doesn't have the mic I just use the phone
#9 Autonomy, Nov 19, 2010
Beats are made by Monster cable. Monster cables are severely overpriced because of the name. Coming out with a headphone line required creative marketing, which worked by slapping Dr. Dre's name on them. Just another way to create a false perceived image on their headphones which in turn makes them even more expensive.

To each his own though...if you want to buy them then buy them. But I would stick to those who are in the speaker and/or headphone business...not those in the speaker wire business.
#10 jikhead, Nov 19, 2010
Jbuds are pretty good in my opinion, and they're only $20. They do require a "burn-in" period which I've never heard of before, but the site has a page dedicated to burning them in and they have a few test tracks that really demonstrate the range of the ear buds. I have the J3's and they're fantastic as far as I can tell, they also have a model called the J3M which has the mic if you're interested.

JBuds J3M with microphone work with iPhone, Droid, Windows and Blackberry phones
#11 10fold, Nov 22, 2010
I'm not sure why headphones would be incompatible with your phone...

Anyways, thought I'd jump in on the recommendations too, since the OP has already been answered really (yes.) The monster beats stuff, from the over the ear models I've tested, are quite nice. Not the most comfortable in the world, but they sound good -- they're just not a good value. Others have stated that you're really paying more for a name and the aesthetic. Personally, I think that's a valid reason to pay a premium, not that you needed anybody's validation. There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to look cool while listening to music in public. I'm just not sure that these would do it... you'll certainly not look cool to anyone that knows about headphones. For those that don't, it's hit or miss. I'm not a fan of their look, but I can see how people think they're appealing.

If you're wanting a good value set of cans... try the sony mdr 7506 ( Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone: Electronics) They're kinda goofy looking out in public, not all that comfortable for long periods of time, and the cable is comically long (almost 10 feet I think.) But, they're <$100 dollars online and they sound great. Possibly the best bang for buck out there; definitely the best value I've ever come across personally.

In terms of sound, I'd say that one pair of monster beats I was able to play with for any length of time edged it out in sound quality (can't remember the model exactly) ... but only really in sound controlled environments. The differences were less noticeable when out and about. Even still, the differences I was able to note weren't enough to justify the price jump. Even if it was, I'd get something even better for the money if sound was my primary concern. Just my .02.
#12 gurana, Dec 1, 2010
I just got a pair of the Beats Tour which are iPhone and supposedly most smart phone compatible. I got them for free with my credit card rewards. First off, I record and produce music and other than my studio monitor on ear sony headphones these are the best sound quality headphones I have ever heard. I hear every frequency evenly therefore hear more. However unless it's just my tmobile G2, the only button that works is the play pause. Volume and tracking aren't working with Android stock music player. Maybe they can app fix this. I'm going to email monster.
#13 B Sharp, Jan 31, 2011
I hate to be contributing to the off-topicness of this thread, but I would suggest not buying Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I tried the Beats Solo headphones at the Apple store listening to an iPod and they sounded average. The problem is that they are $200, which is more than twice what I paid for my semi-pro Audio-Technicas, which sound bitchin. That does not bode well for the rest of the Beats series, in my opinion.

Shure Americas | SE115m Sound Isolating Headset

^^ would likely sound awesome, probably be a better buy, and are guaranteed to work with your phone, as the manufacturer explicitly states. I have a pair of Shure earphones (SE210, without mic) and they work excellently. Not to mention, Shure is legendary in the pro sound field for their microphones (SM57 & 58, KSM32 are industry standards), so you're probably well-off in that field as well.
#14 tsrdrum, Mar 8, 2011
My friend has a pair of these and they're phenomenal! I went to the electronic store at my job and asked if they would work with my Android device; the worker told me that they weren't compatible with Android devices, in fact she gave me a pair of disposable ear buds to let me try them out with my phone, then she called my phone to see if they worked, and unfortunately they didn't; I could hear her talking, but she couldn't hear me, but the music sounded awesome. I have seen a pair of Beats by Dre with an HTC sticker on them, and the mic works (meaning you can make and receive phone calls), but not all functions such as the rev/fwd, pause/play. Verizon has an Android phone that has Beats built in the device, but I'm not sure if the ear buds would work with it. Hope this helps...
#15 BlackGoddess, May 5, 2012
I also had this problem when I try to connect dr dre headphone with my android device may be compatible is the problem but it&#8217;s playing good in my laptop. Any suggestion on buying music system headphone with best quality.
beats auriculares
#16 andyronald26, Aug 24, 2012
What, every brand at wal-mart? Trust me, if you've been around the headphone block all the way, you'd not make such a claim.

Yeah, beats are better than average headphones. Do they hold a card to the likes of Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG? Not a chance. $120 Audio Technica's + $25 Fiio ultra-portable amp is twice the headphone that beats is for LESS than half the price.

Beats have problems, man. Way, WAY more than ANY pair of $300 headphones should. They leak sound like a mofo, you can't use them at all if the batteries that power the amp die, they aren't very sturdy or serviceable, they rattle under heavy bass, and they sound bad under just about any out of the box scenario - you almost HAVE to tweak the EQ to make them sound good. However, when you get it right, they do sound good. Bass is relatively clear but still muddier than most, mids and highs are weak and get suppressed by the bass. still sounds better than the N-Credible headphones, or the standard fare in the electronics department, but they are not audiophile grade. It's worth noting that they have some genuinely useful features - they fold, they have a detachable/replaceable cable, schnazzy packaging, noise cancellation, and they are very stylish. But none of these, by themselves or together, warrant the $300 price tag.
One notable problem is that they use the noise suppression to isolate outside noise. This isn't really a problem for the listener, but for those around you it's a huge problem. Normally, noise cancellation is not required for good listening. What makes a good headphone is one that does not leak acoustically to the outside, and instead, efficiently directing sound in to the ears, not the atmosphere. Beats do not do this. With the headphones covering my ears, my buddy sitting across the vehicle from me said he could hear every word with the player at about 35% volume.
Want to know how I know? I'm wearing beats studios that were a gift right now, I have my Audio Technica A700x's at home. They're magical.

Plus when I'm wearing the beats, I can't stop myself from saying #yoloswag every 5 minutes. It's horrible. Seriously.

Finally, in the interest of contributing something worthwhile to the conversation, The mic does not work on my GS3, nor on my friend's Nexus S. I don't think it works on most android phones. The volume control doesn't work either. However, the play/pause button works fine. Something is different about the pinout of these headphones or the signal or something, but it doesn't work the same as standard mic headphones.
#17 iamtheculprit, Feb 26, 2013

I'm pretty new here but I found this pretty old post out of casuality. Still I believe is pretty useful. Studio 2.0 by Dr.Dre is out there, but to tell you the truth I checked some information on the cascos Beats but there are better alternatives. To be completly honest... As other user said.. Save your money.

This headphones have been used with tons of famous people. So big marketing campaigns means big rise on prices.. Of course you see lots of them on the streets, but I believe the quality is not worthy.. They might be good, but there are better options.

#18 MrArthur, Nov 10, 2014 Last edited: Mar 5, 2016