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Root Absolute beginner rooting Sprint S7 G930P with Nougat 7.0

Build: NRD90M.G930PVPU4BQH1

KingRoot apk was unsuccessful as was Windows.

I have not activated yet, but I did update Android and installed another update as well. Is the bootloader locked on the G930P? Will I ever be able to root this phone?

Any help appreciated!


#1 Hopper Kremer, Sep 13, 2017
The bootloader is locked, Kingroot won't work you need a PC, the eng boot, and the bat file.
#2 James L, Sep 14, 2017
Thanks for the reply James,
could you point me to a relevant up-to-date tutorial?
Have a great day!
#3 Hopper Kremer, Sep 14, 2017
SUCCESS! Rooted using this guide:

Any ideas on how to get biometrics working again?

EDIT: Fixed fingerprint scanner following advice here:

EDIT: "IMS Service has stopped" repeatedly popping up making device unusable after this theunlockr, beware S7 users!
#4 Hopper Kremer, Sep 14, 2017 Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
I just factory reset & the popup is still there : (
I'm going to flash the firmware from ironically the same link theunlockr listed lol
#5 Hopper Kremer, Sep 14, 2017