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Benefits of installing apps to the SD card?

What are the benefits to my D1 if I transfer all of my apps to the SD card? I once tried it, and immediately after my phone started to lag REALLY bad :mad:, so I put everything back on the internal memory.

I assume I did something wrong :thinking:, and would like to know the correct way to do it and why I should. Thanks, buds! :cool:


#1 AMTrombley0924, Nov 8, 2010
Today the apps are getting larger and larger while the DROID's internal memory doesn't. So you may notice low ROM memory if your the person who installs a lot of apps. Extremely low internal memory can cause the system to cripple/lag/be unresponsive. So apps2sd is very useful when those situations come up. Helps to clean up the memory by taking apps off the phone.

Hope I helped:)
#2 Thornfullessrose, Nov 8, 2010
but where it can cause issues - and lag - is when you have apps on SD card that have widgets you keep on your home screen. As a rule, I put every single app I can onto the SD card (I am also rooted so can move not native SD card capable apps as well) IF I do not have it as a widget or on the home screen. I noticed that apps and widgets I have on the home screen of apps that are loaded on the SD card cause a lot of lag, redraws, slow response and slower reboots.

we have puny internal memory size (which means less room for apps to move around and processes to run) and a huge SD card.. use it.

BTW, devs have explained that moving an app to an SD card does not necessarily mean its "data" gets moved. So, for example, MyTracks is a small app in itself for what it does. BUT, it makes a HUGE data file if you keep your tracks like I do. so, moving the app to the SD card was great BUT it did not address the 9-10mb of data that stays on the card.
#3 Lock-N-Load, Nov 8, 2010
Are there any battery life benefits as well? It sounds like apps2sd is the best way to transfer them over. Anyone have a better app to do this?
#4 AMTrombley0924, Nov 8, 2010
This is probably where I went wrong
#5 AMTrombley0924, Nov 8, 2010
If you are on Froyo you should be able to do this by going to manage applications. setting>applications>manage applications> then choose which apps you would like to transfer by clicking them and hitting move to sd. Warning; not every app has the option to do this. but it is starting to become more common for most apps.

I wouldn't know about battery life since I don't use this feature.
#6 Thornfullessrose, Nov 8, 2010
I cant imagine how in anyway this would extend battery life. but given what I said above, if your not careful about what you put on the home screens that might be on the SD card, I can see where it would worsen battery given the slow reboots and power the system needs to load up and rectify the home screen icons & widgets with the app on the SD card. negligible I am sure, but possible I would think.

Since I am rooted, I use Titanium Backup to push not native movable apps to the SD card.
#7 Lock-N-Load, Nov 8, 2010
I have a rooted phone as well and have been moving the non-native apps using the stock app manager. I've noticed that when moved to the SD card, the app sizes decrease significantly. For example, Metamorph was on my phone with an application size of 716KB, and when moved to SD, it went down to 104KB.

Can someone explain why this happens?
#8 AMTrombley0924, Nov 8, 2010
I am rooted and used to run a custom ROM, but have gone Stock/Rooted/OC'd. I have a hard time using the term Stock, but you know what I mean. When I was sportin' the Custom ROM, I moved all kinds of apps to the SD. I learned quickly that things with widgets don't work well from SD. I also found that if the app won't move to SD through the normal means, i.e. settings>applications>manage applications>move to SD, they sometimes don't work well anymore. I wouldn't suggest moving your dialer app (if you are not using the stock dialer) to SD. I guess what I found was that anything that provided base functionality wasn't a good match for SD and just because you can move it doesn't mean it will work once it gets there. If the app is designed to run from SD, then, by all means, move it. If it wasn't designed to be run from SD, I personally would leave it on the phone. I run everything that has the option to move from SD, but nothing else and I haven't noticed any battery difference, or speed difference for that matter.

This wasn't intended as a suggestion, just my personal observations.
#9 BigRedGonzo, Nov 9, 2010
I think this has to do with my explanation above about when apps are moved, the app is moved but not the data - so it is likely reporting just the app size

first, despite me saying I move most apps I can, it would have never dawned on me to ever consider moving system functionality required apps like the dialer. no way. I would agree that anything that is system app and required to actually run the phone, never should be messed with.

but that is totally different than saying this "If it wasn't designed to be run from SD, I personally would leave it on the phone." which I do not agree with at all. I can name to you dozens and dozens and dozens of apps where the dev did not build in the native ability to move to the SD, but forcing the move to SD has not 1 single ill effect on the apps function or phone. Just because the dev did not built in the native function does not mean it will not run correctly on the SD card when it comes to not system required apps.
#10 Lock-N-Load, Nov 9, 2010
Sorry, let me clarify. I didn't mean to say that you cannot move apps that aren't designed to be moved or that they won't work if you do. I was just saying that I did have some problems with apps that weren't "designed" to be moved. In my case, I opted to err on the side of caution and only move those apps that were designed to be moved. My thought process was, if the app acts up immediately, then it is obviously a bad idea to have it on SD, but what about little things that you don't notice at first. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify myself. I wouldn't tell someone else not to move the apps and I see nothing wrong at all with moving them, I just choose not too. Heck, as much as I futz with this phone, I may be moving them next week. Finally, the overall jest of what I was trying to get across was that, I haven't seen any battery or performance issues associated with moving the apps to SD.

#11 BigRedGonzo, Nov 9, 2010
I moved all of my downloaded apps that don't use widgets on my home screens onto my SD. Phone runs snappier now :)

Thanks for the help, guys. This is why I love this forum
#12 AMTrombley0924, Nov 9, 2010
I keep getting this message on my San Francisco, which is really annoying.

The phone is still on 2.1 but is rooted and with a custom ROM - based on the stock but without most of the Orange rubbish. I had hoped this would fix the problem, but it hasn't. I tend to install loads of apps, so it is probably my own fault. :(

How do I go about moving apps to the SD please? Can I do this without upgrading to Froyo? Can I do it without erasing the current SD card?

How can I tell how much space is still free, on the phone and on the SD?

Edit - is this configurable?

Dumb question - does the Android have internal storage space (for installing apps) and working memory (i.e. RAM), or are both part of the same thing?
#13 Nighthawk4, Nov 30, 2010
What is a San Fransico?

And I don't think you'll find much help here since this is the Motorola DROID forum.

Also, I think you can only install apps on your SD with Froyo 2.2. You are still on 2.1.
#14 Thornfullessrose, Dec 1, 2010
Settings->SD Card & phone storage

Is what configurable?

Yes, they are separate. Think of them as the equivalents to the hard drive and memory on your PC.

You should try Google sometime... ;) Check the profile of the person you're quoting. It's an Orange device. For the lazy:
#15 takeshi, Dec 1, 2010
#16 Thornfullessrose, Dec 1, 2010
can someone explain to me exactly what apps2sd is? is it an application and if so where would I find it? IF it is I've searched the market and I get a ton of apps that can be moved to sd but not an app with that name?

feeling kinda dense here :/
#17 mema2.1, Dec 1, 2010
It is an application that tells you what other apps you have on your phone can be moved to your SD Card. Here is the AppBrain link to the app.

App 2 SD (move apps to SD) - Android app on AppBrain
#18 MrDeeJ, Dec 1, 2010
Thanks I thought that's what it was but wasn't sure where to find it. Now that I've found it I'm getting an error message when I try to download it to my phone saying "Your device has Android 2.1. However this app is for Android version 2.2 and higher" is there anything I can do about upgrading that first?
#19 mema2.1, Dec 1, 2010
yeah, you need to allow the update to your phone. Assuming you're on a Verizon Wireless account using a Motorola DROID, you should have already been offered the update - so if you have not been offered the update, you'll need to figure out why.
#20 johnlgalt, Dec 2, 2010
He has an Eris, so ya know, no official 2.2.

You would have to root your Eris and install an Android 2.2 ROM.
Learn everything here→
#21 Thornfullessrose, Dec 2, 2010
my phone is rooted and I am using the xtrRom which I thought was a 2.2 ROM? I will check the link you gave me and see what I might have missed. I did not root my phone myself it was purchased that way and I'm wondering if it was done correctly to begin with.

#22 mema2.1, Dec 2, 2010
I should learn to read the phone stuff - although I will say thank to everyone for not jumping down this guy's throat for posting in the Motorola DROID forums and instead just answering him.
#23 johnlgalt, Dec 2, 2010
I have moved many apps to my SD card to save space, however I have since changed devices.

My question is, what do I do now? Do I install fm my SD card? Or clean it from my SD card & install fm the app store? Is that what the Install fm SD Card section in Security settings for? && if not, what does that mean exactly?
#24 breadmakesyoufattt, Jan 31, 2015
Welcome to Android Forums.

Install from Play Store. That way it checks compatibility with the new device and system so you can correct it.

(You posted this in a thread that is over four years dormant. You would get better involvement if you posted in the forum dedicated to your phone.)

... Thom
#25 Thom, Jan 31, 2015