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Best handwriting apps for samsung tab s2 with palm rejection

The most reliable is lecture notes used with any capacitative stylus. Consistent palm rejection and direct share with onenote or evernote. Anyone found anything Better?


#1 John forgie, Jul 24, 2016
What are your requirements? For example, I use Squid (formerly Papyrus) more than LectureNotes because it's better for annotating PDFs, which is one of my major uses. But I don't use OneNote or EverNote, so don't know or care about sync with those. Hence my requirements and yours differ.

So if you tell us what functions you need and what you use it for it will be easier for people to help.
#2 Hadron, Jul 28, 2016
My main reason for this post was to improve handwriting capabilities on samsung tab s a big need for me. Although here are keyboard alternatives they dont suit me. I have other tablets with wacom input but I like the samsung tab s and wish it had had an s pen but it doesnt so what is the best method for pen input WITH palm rejection
#3 John forgie, Jul 28, 2016
I vote for Squid as well. I am not sure if you can sideload S Note on the Tab S. You could have looked into the Tab A with S Pen though.
#4 chanchan05, Aug 1, 2016