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Best Music player?

Been using my S3 a while now and i love it so much more than iphone.. Now i've gotten the hand of the basics i'm looking at changing stock apps for better play store replacements.

I've already got swype as a keyboard very similar imo to swiftkey but at 65p intro offer much the better option.
For video playback i've got MX player free, and seems fantastic on the vids i've got on my phone.

Whats everyones recommendations for music? Anything better than the stock app? I dont mind paying a little but prefer free obviously.

Any other apps that i can replace the stock with for better use? interested in peoples personal views so i can play around.


#1 bornintheuk, Apr 28, 2013
I Iike the stock music player because it's built in and does everything I need. But if you're looking for something a little more advanced or something that automatically downloads album art, give PowerAmp a try. There's a free trial version available in the playstore.
#2 vosg, Apr 28, 2013
Poweramp is probably the best, but you could get playerpro music player.
#3 brownykatch, Apr 28, 2013
Nice one cheers i'll give that a bash
#4 bornintheuk, Apr 28, 2013
I'll give it a go thank you
#5 bornintheuk, Apr 28, 2013
For me poweramp is the best.
#6 lachowo, Apr 28, 2013
Another one for PowerAmp. I just love the Lockscreen option.

Also, you can customise it.
#7 Ghost10bxl, Apr 28, 2013
WinAMP Pro (or the free lite version), gives you controls on the lock screen and in the dropdown menu
#8 MooseKnuckles1, Apr 28, 2013
+1 for PowerAmp.
I've tried a few but always go back on poweramp, covers all my needs and then some.

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#9 Yesevil, Apr 28, 2013
#10 SkyJackpot, Apr 28, 2013
Google Play Music. I have all my MP3's stored in the cloud and stream them to my phone. You can also play the music already on your phone, and you can sync just certain albums for offline usage from the cloud. I really like it, and it's free!
#11 mydian, Apr 28, 2013
It's UI is pretty clean. Some customizational options and people at Head-Fi (audiophile website) prefer it over the other music apps.
#12 iTzKPanda, Apr 28, 2013
Isn't the cloud storage/sync part only available in the US?

I, like just about everyone else here, use Poweramp. I've used others, but kept going back.
#13 bubkusjones, Apr 28, 2013
PowerAmp, been using it for 2 years and haven't found anything better yet! :p
#14 OverByter, Apr 28, 2013
Google Play Music...cant beat it!
#15 JerZyT28, Apr 28, 2013
PowerAmp as well. Does everything Winamp Pro can but with a better UI. For a free option I'd suggest Winamp, but meh its really ugly IMO. I can't understand why Winamp for PC has good looking skins while the Android version doesn't.
#16 chanchan05, Apr 28, 2013
The latest poweramp update gives lots of widget modification options. Album art also displays very nicely.
With Noozxoide, sound is fantastic.

#17 tcat007, Apr 29, 2013
I also like winamp for the sync to device options.

My windows computers when on wifi, with my phone on wifi - can add files to my phone wirelessly just to right clicking in the playlist.

I know you can do this with other stuff with windows media center and the like but to be honest the winamp system is really easy.

But I too find the look of the winamp app shameful, but its still very useable.
#18 Napalm, May 9, 2013
PowerAmp will win this lol. Its the first app i ever payed for :)
Player Pro is pretty much the same in functionality imo :thumbup:

Oh if you use Facebook, the "share to facebook" widget for PowerAmp is great.. one tap and it tells your world what youre listening to :)
#19 funkylogik, May 9, 2013
+1 for WinAmp (free version). Unlike PowerAmp, WinAmp syncs with your PC via WiFi (or USB) making it very easy to create playlists (since it's much easier to do that on the PC). WinAmp also allows you to stream music from Shoutcast radio stations or any station for which you have a URL. WinAmp also has lots of cool plug-ins like lyrics plug-ins, etc. For me WinAmp's superior feature set trumps any differences in the beauty of the GUI.
#20 RazzMaTazz, May 9, 2013
You don't need WinAmp to sync with your PC for music. I use WinAmp on my PC, but PowerAmp in my phone.
#21 chanchan05, May 9, 2013
Considering that I can only run WiFi sync when the WinAmp app is actually running on my phone, I don't understand you can "sync" without the WinAmp app, unless by "sync" you mean a manual process whereby you export properly structured M3U playlists and then drag them to the phone via USB (along with music). Please let us know.
#22 RazzMaTazz, May 9, 2013
Via USB. I plug in my phone and WinAmp for PC recognizes the Android device and its SD card. After that I just hit the transfer button on the playlists I want to sync. I never liked WiFi sync on WinAmp coz its a lot slower than USB.
#23 chanchan05, May 9, 2013
I love Player Pro,it aint free,but only costs around $5,it's awesome. I use it on all my android devices,you can also get a DSP pack,for free,after you have purchased it.
#24 rich2626, May 9, 2013
Playerpro and Poweramp, I have purchased both full versions.

Though I use Playerpro as default simply because it acceses music as it is on phone or MicroSD ie in folders/directories (artists folders within these albums folders within these track files).
For some reason I cannot seem to get Poweramp to do this - anyone know of a solution?
#25 Paradroid90, May 11, 2013