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Best Rooted only games

Hey guys...wondering if anyone has any great games that I am now able to put on my hero since I am rooted?
I loved Robo defense but got kinda sick of it.
Did get Redpokerclub and love it, but those are available stock.
Just wondering what you guys have and what you like?


#1 stricklerjosh, Mar 2, 2010
if you search for root in the market it will show all apps that require root...

that being said... there are no games that require root access.. which is to be expected.. root access is only granting full admin rights to the phone.. games don't need full admin. root isn't going to make a marginal game suddenly incredible..
#2 mysticmead, Mar 2, 2010
Gotcha...I didn't know if there were others like APK's that you load on SD card and then install on the phone that you cannot get from the market.
#3 stricklerjosh, Mar 2, 2010