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Best way to charge battery outside of phone without external charger?

so far ive been trying to charge my battery outside of my phone without an external charger and the only good way ive found is very painful... basically what i do is use a cut usb cable and connect the red wire to the positive and the black to negative... but i have to hold it in place with my thumb and it burns me... bad. so please help. btw ive tried electrical tape but it wont stay in place. is there any way i could make a makeshift charger with a cut usb cable?


#1 eisawi99, Apr 18, 2013
I believe your best bet would be just to get an external charger. They have all sorts of them on Amazon, for example, that are really reasonable.

I'm afraid you are going to either hurt yourself, worse than the burns, or short out your equipment. :(

Neither one of them would be a good thing! :)
#2 dustwun77, Apr 18, 2013
Wow that is an incredibly bad idea! Li-ion batteries just can't be hooked to voltage like that for charging. They require a smart charger (your phone handles that). You are lucky not to have blown up the battery or have a total meltdown..
#3 Codegerm, Apr 18, 2013
yeah believe me i know... its incredibly stupid but i need my phone and i only do it for like 10 minutes and then i rest it and then i charge and then i rest and then i charge etc etc
#4 eisawi99, Apr 18, 2013
Why can't you just charge it in the phone?
#5 Codegerm, Apr 18, 2013
I thought this was some kind of joke when I read the title. Now I've read the thread and I still can't tell.

Tell us why you can't use an external charger either?
#6 t.burninator, Apr 19, 2013
This thread just Made My Day. I would have held the wires in place with my tounge. "trialnerror", right?
Do you have a Bestbuy or Radioshack nearby?
#7 trialnerror, Apr 19, 2013
im pretty broke... ive really got no money for an external charger... this isnt a joke
#8 eisawi99, Apr 19, 2013
You can get a usb sync charger of ebay for as low as $3 dollars.
#9 oamilcar, Apr 19, 2013
believe me... ive got no money at all... i try to use what i can and i cant charge through the phone itself because the battery is messed up
#10 eisawi99, Apr 19, 2013
That sucks. I do see them on ebay for like 22 dollars
#11 Codegerm, Apr 19, 2013
people i am broke lol i cant buy one... i just was looking for a way to keep the wires in place without burning my self
#13 eisawi99, Apr 19, 2013
I heard you lol. I'm just posting the link for codeg... to see the $3 one
#14 oamilcar, Apr 19, 2013
try clothes pins
#15 kevindroid, Apr 19, 2013
what do you mean??? how would i use clothes pins?
#16 eisawi99, Apr 19, 2013
#17 oamilcar, Apr 19, 2013
You're literally playing with a potential fire.

When batteries ignite they don't burn like a Zippo, they jet a flame like a blowtorch.
#18 EarlyMon, Apr 19, 2013
yeah believe me i know... and im also a pyromaniac... but thats besides the point. theres not enough voltage on an xbox usb port to ignite a battery
#19 eisawi99, Apr 19, 2013
Subscribed haha. Say we all chip in fifty cents and get the poor guy a charger for God's sake.
#20 FLAWLESSVW, Apr 19, 2013

Agreed, and preferably before his fingers catch fire.
#21 Codegerm, Apr 20, 2013
OMG!!! eisawi?? Be carefull!!
#22 LilBit, Apr 20, 2013