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Tips Bixby - it's not so bad

There are videos out there on YouTube that compare Bixby to Google Assistant and Siri... and Bixby wins!

That surprised me: but apparently Bixby is really good at understanding, and executing, complex commands. You can also set up voice shortcuts to make a number of things happen - sort of like IFTTT with voice.

Here's a link to the official Bixby page. I'm actually looking forward to trying it out!


#1 The_Chief, Aug 24, 2017
I also understand that Experience Points (XP) accumulate as you help Bixby learn and become self-aware.

I wonder how many XPs we get if Bixby decides to become SkyNet?

#2 The_Chief, Aug 25, 2017
I'm not comfortable talking to my phone but I have Bixby on my S8 and it does allow you to automate complex commands. There are some good Bixby tips and tricks videos on YouTube and I think Sakitech has some of the best.
#3 WeeWilly, Aug 27, 2017
I talk to gadgets all day... of course, with this Note 5 I'm usually yelling unpleasant things at it
#4 The_Chief, Aug 27, 2017
I'm not sure that 😛 is code for an emoji, Chief, it may be one of the unpleasant things you yell at your Note 5.;)
#5 WeeWilly, Aug 27, 2017
I absolutely hate bixby. It is absolutely worthless. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves for producing such utter trash.
#6 no one, Sep 6, 2017
Thread moved back to the Note 8 channel... :)
#7 Unforgiven, Sep 7, 2017
Bixby can't understand Mandarin... But Siri, Google and Cortana can though.
Sorry Samsung you fail.
#8 mikedt, Sep 7, 2017
I set Bixby up when I got the phone on Tues, and did the voice tutorials, etc. but haven't used it yet until this morning. I said "Hi Bixby, call so&so's mobile phone."
While Bixby did indeed wake up the phone, and show the Bixby screen, it did not make the phone call, or even seem to acknowledge I even made a command. So I exited the app and from the home screen, I pressed the Bixby button and said "Call so&so's mobile phone" and it did it within like 3 seconds.

I've never really used any VA's before, so I'll see how much patience I will have while trying this out.

Funny, when it comes to anything related to electronics and technology, my mom can barely operate a light switch, but she's been doing the "OK Google" thing for the past 2 years, and she makes ME look primitive.
#9 TrueFangz, Sep 7, 2017

Try korean lol

Bixby is good because it learns how you talk as you use it more
#10 lim060911, Sep 9, 2017
We have a European deep fryer with the controls in Celsius and not Fahrenheit. The Darling Bride and I were talking about what to cook and at what temperature, so I asked Bixby what 280 degrees is in Celsius. She could have told me, maybe, but instead opened a calculator/conversion thing that allows users to convert just about anything to anything. I selected F- C and got my answer. For several questions. Bixby has failed me a couple of times... but as TrueFangz said: it's early in our relationship and we're still learning each other. I'm optimistic!
#11 The_Chief, Sep 9, 2017
Bixby is always popping up with a screen full of uselss information it found on the web when I am actually talking to my dog now. I just say "Bixby go to sleep" and my phone shuts off. Kinda funny.
#12 kokiangel, Sep 9, 2017
yeah there was a youtube guy i was watching about the 25+ tips on sammy note8. at one point he said "bixby lock screen" and this phone did just that.. ;) then he said unlock and it did just that. :p
#13 marctronixx, Sep 9, 2017
I also like that I can change the voice on it. Bixby is so not a female name to me. I chose "John" and that works much better. Now if I could just get the rest of the text to speech to do the same I'd be in business!
#14 kokiangel, Sep 9, 2017
Bixby to me is a dog's name, I imagine like a small terrier or something, which is faithful and obedient.
#15 mikedt, Sep 9, 2017
The Note8 is in China very soon, so they better have the Bixby button understanding the language here. :D
#16 mikedt, Sep 9, 2017
I know, I told Samsung what I thought about the name. Apparently they really, really liked the name Bixby.

It is nice, though. I was exhausted last night, and fell into bed without setting my phone to silent.

'Hi Bixby, set Do Not Disturb.' And Bixby did, no problem.

#17 The_Chief, Sep 10, 2017
I went to bed last night at 11pm. I woke up this morning at 7am, with a message on my screen from Bixby saying it looks like I went to sleep at 4:35am, and asked if I would like to set up a to do list before bed. What tha...
#18 TrueFangz, Sep 11, 2017
Yeah ahaha i got the same alert this morning... :)

One was when about me going to sleep and the other as "so i see you wake up at..." :)
#19 marctronixx, Sep 11, 2017
I think Bixby is jealous of my dog. I was brushing her last night and telling her how good she was being while I got tangles out and Bixby kept popping up saying crazy things like it found where I could get tango lessons nearby?
#20 kokiangel, Sep 11, 2017
Tango lessons? Koki, I didn't know you danced!


Uh, my Bixby has so far behaved. She hasn't said anything about my sleep schedule, or I need to walk more, or use too many squares of toilet paper at one time, or...
#21 The_Chief, Sep 11, 2017
I can honestly say I actually laughed out loud at that one Chief!
#22 TrueFangz, Sep 11, 2017
I like Bixby but it has a habit of turning on by itself when I'm listening to podcast or other things.
#23 justandra, Sep 12, 2017
Yep. I'm forever telling it that I was not talking to it! Especially when I have the music player on and it tries to talk to whatever is playing.
#24 kokiangel, Sep 13, 2017
Quite frankly that sounds like something Samsung needs to fix ASAP. Very bad of Bixby to try and talk to your Mongolian gangsta rap or something. :D
#25 mikedt, Sep 13, 2017 Last edited: Sep 13, 2017