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Root [boost] Join LG Developer request bootloader unlock

I just joined LG's developer website and posted a question about unlocking the bootloader.

I'm asking others to do the same. Maybe we will get results if enough people make noise.

Join website:

Confirm your email.

Post question: http://developer.lge.com/community/forums/RetrieveForumContentList.dev?forumId=FR00000001


#1 NeoZiggy, Apr 9, 2016 Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
You're probably better off asking Sprint, no?
#2 dip_spit, Apr 9, 2016
I have to agree with dip_spit here. As much as I'd love to argue this point, it may be better to get a phone that can be unlocked out of the box, like some htc and Nexus models. That's the beauty of Android, there's always some model that can be unlocked. The best anyone can do for this phone is to have the T-mobile/metroPCS model (or an unlocked international GSM model, if there is one), which has twrp and some custom ROMS. If I'd have known that, I probably would've gone out of VM USA. Maybe next time... :)

Good luck to you.
#3 daffyducknj, Apr 9, 2016
I bought this one the day I lost my LG Volt. I didn't have time or make time to research. It was between this, Volt 2, and a Samsung with 1.5GB RAM. I went with this because of the larger screen and stylus (that I never use unless I'm trying to show off).

Do you think Sprint would help since we just piggyback off their network? LG creates the firmware for the carrier but would Sprint have the power?

I keep looking for stuff related to the G4. Isn't that the closest model?
#4 NeoZiggy, Apr 9, 2016 Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
Correct. Sprint has the final say. Also, no, Sprint is borderline assuredly not going to help as they requested the phone to be set the way it is in the first place.

Yes, the Stylo is closest to the G4 it even says G4stylus in the build.prop
#5 dip_spit, Apr 9, 2016
I haven't used kingroot since I bricked before moving SuperSu to /system. Other then that I only used Kernel Auditor and AdBlock.

I am kind of old school, win3.1/DOS and familiar with Linux. My question is can we obtain and decompile the boot image? I know KR only gives limited root access but if on tmobile a .IMG file gets pushed to replace the boot image why can't we mod it?

I've searched for a way to manually unlock it and all I can find is booting to fastboot with oem flash unlock commands. I know to root manually it's about finding a way to execute code in a directory with permissions. How is this different and how can it not be done manually?
Maybe you can shed light in this gray area for me...
#6 NeoZiggy, Apr 9, 2016
If I remember correctly it's not something LG can solve anything about. If I'm not mistaken our bootloader is encrypted on Sprint Variants, which is the reason adb reboot-bootloader doesn't work. LG cannot provide a way. Only Sprint could but they've clearly concreted their point with their locked bootloader policy
#7 ScarletRooter, Apr 9, 2016
Why is sprint so adamant about LG and ZTE boot loaders being locked but not HTC and Motorola.
#8 kdraw44, Apr 14, 2016
A friend of mine owns a ZTE (forget which model) but he has cricket wireless, which is a Sprint Variant! Bootloader's completely locked down, Reboot bootloader doesn't work through adb commands or even from the recovery options just like on our Boost and Virgin Mobile Devices. I've never had an HTC device or touched one so I wouldn't know, but that doesn't sound reasonable. Are HTC's cheaper or something?
#9 ScarletRooter, Apr 17, 2016
Cricket is an AT&T subsidiary. Cricket has completely done away with all CDMA devices; becoming GSM exclusive. Every HTC I've owned except for like two have been junk. The main problem that we ran into when building CM for them was camera driver issues, bluetooth, finicky wifi, etc. Also, yeah, in my experience they were marginally cheaper than their counterparts. But for that cheaper price you got less storage (barely enough to function), shit proprietary drivers, and the damn HTC Sense crap.
#10 dip_spit, Apr 17, 2016