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Boost Mobile Dealer Support # and ID

I actually used to work for a Boost Retailer and have the Dealer Support # and The Sales Portal ID you can use to get somebody quick on the line. PM ME :D


#1 luis32744, Mar 15, 2014
Hi my names Adam. Can you send me the dealer support # & the sales portal ID. I got screwed out of getting the premier email by missing a payment and I have been a customer for a year or so, although my gf still got one while she hasn't been with them as long and has also missed a payment. I just read your post searching a way to get into the program and what you posted caught my eye. Let me know asap if possible. Thanks so much,
#2 Adam Bice, Dec 31, 2015
You replied to a post from Mar 15, 2014

The poster hasn't posted anything since Nov 2014
#3 Sept1967, Dec 31, 2015
And I am bumping bro you can get back on by paying on time
#4 DirtyDee, Jan 21, 2016
Hi need wat u are tlkn bout
#5 414rich, Jan 23, 2016
As a dealer i will advise you call customer care...its the same as dealer support just takes 20-30 secs longer follow the prompts select 4 for technical issues then just wait till its days press zero for live support
#6 DirtyDee, Jan 23, 2016
I need my sales portal id can anyone help me?
#7 dkp1988, May 5, 2016
Definitely can't help with that contact your manger or sprint rep they can reset it for you
#8 DirtyDee, May 5, 2016