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Bring back the original S note app from the note 4.

# Samsung Galaxy Note 8. # S note on Galaxy Note 8. Well I have been trying to think of a way to get Samsung to take notice of all the people who have bought the Note 8 and love what it does do, but are pretty upset about the ommissions compared with earlier devices.


#1 MeGB, Nov 23, 2017
#2 bermienotetaker, Apr 4, 2018
I HAVE NOT UPDATED FROM THE 3. I KEEP WAITING FOR COMPATIBILITY WITH S NOTE APP. SO FAR IT CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED ONTO NOTE 8 AND PROBABLY NOT ON 9. VERY SAD!!! BEST PART OF THE NOTE PHONE MISSING FROM A CREATIVE STANDPOINT. The ability to create book covers, page backgrounds from my pictures or screenshot was an important part of the NOTE experience.
STICKING WITH THE 3....spare battery, sd card....just a little slow.
#3 bermienotetaker, Apr 4, 2018
#4 MeGB, Apr 6, 2018
SmartSelectImage_2017-11-19-13-09-35.jpg SmartSelectImage_2017-11-19-13-08-19.jpg These are screenshots for example only, not video. I particularly miss the "insert camera into drawn shape", which came stock with the note 4, but was removed in the updates. I cannot understand why this was removed. It meant that anywhere in your notes where you wanted to put a photo you just used this. No cropping or moving, it just went straight to the right shape, size and position. I have searched all other apps but nothing else does this.
#5 MeGB, Apr 7, 2018
[QUOTE="Xavier Black
Hi I was really excited when I saw your post as I was hoping it would be an Snote replacement. unfortunately its nowhere near. Thanks for trying to help. Here is the YouTube link showing some of the things the Snote app used to be able to do. Also shape recognition, formula recognition, Action Memo with link to action which let you scrawl a phone number on your home screen and it would insert it straight into your contacts. I really want that original Snote app back as do many others. Samsung please . or https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sou...Ca4QtwIIQDAL&usg=AOvVaw2En4lPI3h-0mEvSqCyoLFS
#6 MeGB, Apr 7, 2018
Last night I saw a video of a guy working the S Note..immediately made me wanting to dl it into my §5..not luck on that..I'm still trying..you are right..not even a mile near!!
#7 Xavier Black, Apr 7, 2018
There is a way to get it but it is a slimmed down version. You might have better luck than me with the S5. I have the Note 8 with Oreo so it just refuses to install a lot of the stuff. Here is the link. Galaxy Note 8 How To Bring Back Action Memo & S Note - YouTube Tech Guy.
He gives you all the links below the video. The best way would be if a developer with a Note 4 that is stock standard would put a clone of the app online, then we could all get the real, everything working app.
#8 MeGB, Apr 7, 2018
After a second call to Samsung Customer support, I was again told...S note App is not compatible with Note 8.
Meanwhile, a friend bought the Note 8. I was able to download SNote from Play Store...it works fine. The same app with all the features. :) I guess the customer reps i contacted are not Noteusers..misinformed
or unwilling to take time
to do research. UTUBE is more helpful.
#9 bermienotetaker, Apr 15, 2018
#10 bermienotetaker, Apr 15, 2018
My Note 8 had to go in for repair so I hard reset my Note 4 to get it working again temporarily and to see if I would get back the original stock Note 4 version of S note. As soon as I downloaded and loaded addons for extension pack, chart builder, photonote and idea sketch, the "insert" option, under "more features", disappeared. I had already disabled auto updates in both Galaxy Store and Play store. It does have Action memo with link to action. If I managed to get the full original app, I was going to clone it to my Note 8 using Smart Switch.
Did your version from the playstore give you all the addons and Action Memo? What version did you get?
#11 MeGB, Apr 16, 2018
Supposedly the S5 is capable and came originally with the S Note...so i cloned the app from another phone that has it..but seems like my S5 isn't comparable with it :(

Since is a free app I'm uploading it for you here..

Then I'm uploading as well the Samsung notes in case some one wants it(it's free as well)
#12 Xavier Black, Apr 16, 2018
#13 bermienotetaker, Apr 19, 2018
A friend bought N8. Downloaded Snote from playstore. worked fine but she had problems with intermittent muting during calls...she returned the phone...she is back to N5.
#14 bermienotetaker, Apr 19, 2018
If this app is available on Google Play Store, please provide a link to it there, rather than attaching APK files here.

Forum members should generally be wary of downloading and installing APKs from any source other than the Play Store.
#15 LV426, Apr 22, 2018
I went to playstore on her N8 put in SNOTE and downloaded it...no problem.
#16 bermienotetaker, Apr 22, 2018
I was able at last to get the fabulous
S Note on my stubborn §5..it wasn't easy..I cooked it and has all the features..
#17 Xavier Black, Apr 25, 2018