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Support Browser keeps crashing too often

Greetings, First time poster. Long time lurker. Enjoy the site but I am curious of my current problem. I have a Sf since sept 11, 2010. My first smart phone, I enjoy the phone despite the lack of THE UPDATE (sorry, not gonna beat a dead horse) But when running the internet in 3G MOSTLY. My stock browser started crashing alot lately. I switched to LP and it seemed to help but now it seems to have frequent crashes as well. The true funny part is it never crashed at all except on this site. Now it seems it never crashes here but everywhere else especially google. I am not running many windows open either when it happens. It can happen on the second page of google after I turn on the phone. I am running Lookout as an app. Any advice would be appreciated. I enjoy the forum and the courtesy of the people here. Thanks for a helpful and refreshing web site in a sometimes web of misinformation and distrust. Keep up the good work. Cheers.


#1 Niners, Mar 17, 2011
Have you tried clearing the browser's cache?

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Browser (clear cache and possibly data)
#2 nklenchik, Mar 17, 2011
Hello Niners. Welcome aboard!

Nklenchik gives you good advice about clearing cache and data in the browser app, be sure to reboot your device following doing that.

If crashes still come about, have a look at your other apps, especially ones that you can identify as having installed (perhaps from Market) just prior to seeing the problem, even if not browser related apps.

Weather Bug is often a suspect, and may need its cache and data cleared. The main thing is, have a good look around your system to see what's running. Look in menu > settings > applications > running services to see what is going on in the background.
#3 Frisco, Mar 17, 2011
Thanks nklenchik and Frisco. I at first cleared the cache and rebooted. That lasted alittle while, before a crash. Then I cleared cache and data together and rebooted and so far the past 24 hours all is running great. I have also started running the Sony Ericsson Launcher which I have enjoyed for almost a week, if you get a chance try it out. Thanks again for both of your help and time. Have a great weekend.
#4 Niners, Mar 18, 2011