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Camera Issue

Ever since I put a new SD card in my MXPE, the pictures taken do not show up on the SD card, even though it is set as the place to save pictures. When I swipe left in the camera app to access the gallery, it just goes right back to the viewfinder. No thumbnails are saved, and no picture files are saved anywhere on the card either. I do have some funky things happening with the LOST.DIR folder, but that's found in another thread (


#1 eggbeater, Oct 6, 2017
Couple of questions to maybe help narrow down the problem.
Stock OS or custom?
Stock camera app or other?
Quality SD card? Lots of counterfeit cards on the market.
Good way to check card
#2 Jfalls63, Oct 11, 2017
Stock OS
Stock camera app
Quality SD card.......well, I downloaded the app, and it says its manufacturer is INVALID. So I guess that means I dropped $60 on a faulty SD card?
Note: I did reformat it, and it's working well now
#3 eggbeater, Oct 12, 2017 Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
Do you have the SD card formatted as adoptable or portable storage?
Good idea to backup photos to cloud storage. I have Google photos set to auto backup over wifi so any photos taken during the day backup as soon as I connect to my home network.
#4 Jfalls63, Oct 13, 2017
It is formatted as portable storage. I have considered that! Most of my photos are backed up to my external hard drive.
#5 eggbeater, Oct 13, 2017
Are new photos being stored/saved to SD card as you have it set up or still having problems?
#6 Jfalls63, Oct 13, 2017
New photos are being saved now. I had emailed the results of the scan to the app developer and they said it might work, but I shouldn't rely on it.
#7 eggbeater, Oct 13, 2017