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Support Can I watch movies stored on my phone through the Xbox 360

If you connect it and put the phone into usb mode you should be able too or you can try imediashare to do it via wifi it's a free app. Either way they must be in an xbox compatible format.
#2 AndroidxGuy, Dec 18, 2011
I tried the USB method with no luck. I'll try that app.
#3 rlugo29, Dec 18, 2011
Ok, I downloaded imedia share on my phone. When I hit play on the video, it sais that I need to go on my Xbox select video, select app market place then select imedia share. The prob is that I don't see imedia share in my Xbox app market place.
#4 rlugo29, Dec 18, 2011
^^^ NO, first you will need to have the "optional media update" on your xbox 360 in order to even play the content you are trying to play(just to let you know)... Now go into imedia share on the phone and choose a video, it will tell you to go into your "video library" on your 360... do that an you will see that your phone is listed on the xbox... choose it and you will see a bunch of folders, choose the one that says "now playing" to see the vid you are trying to play. You will go in to "picture lirbrary" for pics and "music library" for music. Hope this helps.
#5 Heavyweightgd6, Dec 22, 2011
So how do I get this "optional media update" on the 360? I'm not to familiar with the 360. My lil bro is living with me for a while and it's his. I normally hook my laptop to my tv and watch movies.
#6 rlugo29, Dec 22, 2011
he probably already has it but go to Game Marketplace -> Explore Content -> All Games -> Browse All Games -> O -> Optional Media Update. From here I was able to download Optional Media Update as an addon and run my files.
#7 Heavyweightgd6, Dec 22, 2011
I'll check it out. Thanks!
#8 rlugo29, Dec 22, 2011
Hell yea!!! Works like a charm. Thanks again!
#9 rlugo29, Dec 22, 2011
no prob.
#10 Heavyweightgd6, Dec 23, 2011
This also works on the PS3 with high def videos. I have a bunch of HD music videos on my phone that I have been streaming on my ps3 and at the one at work lately. I notice the occasional hiccups but that'd probably cause of my cheap memory card.
#11 AndroidxGuy, Dec 23, 2011
I'm having an issue with the movies buffering. Is there a way to transfer the movies directly to the harddrive of the Xbox?
#12 rlugo29, Dec 24, 2011
I don't own one, but I believe you can connect it directly to the 360 via USB and turning on USB storage.

As for transferring the files, no clue.
#13 Reaper man, Dec 25, 2011
I tried the USB, but can't seem to find my phone on the Xbox.
#14 rlugo29, Dec 25, 2011