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General Cannot disable "VZ Protect" app

I have two problems:
(1) On my Galaxy S7 I had disabled 'Slacker Radio', 'NFL Mobile', and 'Caller ID' by pressing down and dragging the icons to trashcan icon. Afterwards, I went to GooglePlay and installed free version of "Avast Mobile Security" app. Then, I tried to disable 'VZ Protect' app but unable to do so because trash can icon does not appear. I tried using 'Manage Applications' in Settings to disable it but VZ Protect is not listed there. Does anyone know how to disable VZ Protect? I was easily able to disable Slacker Radio, etc., so I cannot understand why I am unable to disable VZ Protect!

(2) When I uased Avast Mobile Security app to scan my phone, it said my phone has 937 Ram viruses!!! and suggested I install "Junk Cleaner" app. I find it very difficult to believe my phone has this many viruses. Can someone please let me know if i should disregard the virus alert message.


#1 Jack Taub, Jan 1, 2017
Probably can't be done without rooting the phone, and the VZW version S7 is currently impossible to root AFAIK.

937 RAM viruses!! OK, I think there's something wrong there, and the supposed "security app" is amiss. These things are often lying snake-oil anyway, or worse. Sometimes they'll even tell you the battery is infected with a virus, they're so bad.
#2 mikedt, Jan 1, 2017
Thanks Mike.
#3 Jack Taub, Jan 2, 2017
I was able to disable the Verizon virus detector, but it is listed as "Support & Protection".
#4 Wolfie410, Jan 2, 2017
Easy fix, just use * Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) - Android Apps on Google Play
#5 AZgl1500, Jan 2, 2017
Too many negative posts to trust this one, but thanks for the idea.
#6 jshaw42, Jan 3, 2017
Package Disabler works fine. You just can't go and blindly disable anything and everything. You need a general idea of what's being affected before you disable a particular function.
#7 PitCarver, Jan 3, 2017