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Support cannot read 'update.zip'

Okay, so I lost my patience waiting for the OTA update to 4.4 and decided to try and add it manually. I followed all the steps up to the part when you type "adb sideload <filename>." into the command prompt.
When I put it into the command prompt, *cannot read 'update.zip' *
the name of the file is update.zip, but update.zip.zip doesn't work either.
Anyone know a fix for this?


#1 BoGenobo, Nov 22, 2013
You typed in "cannot read ...", or that's the error message you got? If the latter, the update.zip file is bad.
#2 Rukbat, Nov 23, 2013
I was just attempting to sideload a ROM via recovery and repeatedly kept getting the error 'cannot read <filename.zip>...'

This is what the command looked like in my command window:

c:\Place Where You Saved ADB Drivers AND Zip You Would Like To Flash\adb sideload BlissPop-v2.2-e970-UNOFFICIAL--20150313

Finally after a few attempts I figured why don't I just change the name of the zip file to 'Blisspop.zip' and it worked like a charm. I've been through several forums and tut's on how to sideload via adb and have yet to see any warnings about syntax inside the command window when attempting to use adb. This is probably because the people who are writing these instructions are so familiar with the procedure and perhaps even working inside a command terminal window that they forget that when a beginner is trying to follow instructions for a tutorial that incorporates a command terminal, syntax is not just important, it's mandatory. Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles across this thread. I think I am going to copy and paste this to one or two more.
#3 Rapp29, Mar 19, 2015