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Support Can't connect to camera?

what did you do?
#2 THE W, Apr 9, 2012
Once upon a time, that could be a sd card thing.
With my phone, it seems the internal DCIM is used, not the ex_sdcard>DCIM.
I don't get it.
(except recently I found the destination option in camera settings, letting me put the camera media on the card).
Try changing that, if your phone has it.
Or a re-boot?
#3 sleedeane, Apr 9, 2012
What did I do? Rooted the phone, froze some bloatware and increased my read/write speeds to my sd card through room toolbox. Phone had been rebooted several times, the problem comes and goes.
#4 chknhwk, Apr 10, 2012
do you have any other camera apps on the phone that you use to take pictures with? If so that might be the problem if the app is running you cant connect to the camera.Happened to me before when I had my indulge.I would have to shut down camera 360 to use my normal camera.
#5 lilonex3, Apr 10, 2012
What did u do to fix it?
#6 tarasledge, Dec 18, 2012
use widgetsoid and use the run SD scanner options. (not sure of the name exactly) or you can eject the sd card in the settings app and and then check if the camera works. If not a simple reboot will do it.
#7 jjrx3, Dec 18, 2012
here's the solution for android camera error, go to settings, apps uninstall memory cleaner
restart android, your good to go!
#8 broh, Mar 2, 2014
I already fixed this problem, go to settings -> Apps -> All Apps . And find the Camera, then click it then clear the data. Sorry I have a bad English, still learning though.

I'm using the HTC One but my LG nexus 4 has the problem so yeah. :cheers:
#9 xjryian, Mar 5, 2014