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Can't hear anyone on Skype and Viber

Hello there, I'm a new member and I'm in big trouble. I use a Samsung Galaxy Mega, the 5.8" variant. Skype and Viber worked fine for about a month, but then both the apps decided to act up. People can hear me just fine, but I can't hear them. These are the things I've done to try and fix the problem, but to no avail-

1. Tried regular calls, the sound was okay with earphones, without earphones and loud speaker

2. Tried using earphones and loudspeaker for Skype and Viber. Only the loudspeaker worked

3. Tried listening to music with and without earphones, perfectly alright

4. Checked settings to increase volume both from the app settings and sound settings of my phone. I could increase volume, but still no sound on Skype or Viber

5. Checked permissions for both apps, both had 'change my sound settings' as a permission

6. Tried switching it on and off, obviously

What should I do now? In urgent need of help.


#1 mustabeen93, Jan 13, 2014
Have you tried reinstalling those apps?
#2 palmtree5, Jan 13, 2014
Yes I've tried both re-installing and clearing the catche
#3 mustabeen93, Jan 13, 2014
I am facing same issue with my Galaxy Mega 8.5. Your issue has been solved?
Thanks for help.
#4 nay007, Jul 18, 2014