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Root Can't seem to root my phone, help! So exhausted...

I have been trying to root my droid (x 2.3.4) for quite a while now, to no avail.
I've used the numerous one-click methods, including Pete's Root Method, Zergrush's Root Method, and Motorola One-Click Method, and they've all been unsuccessful at rooting. I can't even count the number of times I've had to reboot my phone and my computer in the past day. I've reset factory settings on my phone, still with no luck. I followed the manual root method on the XDA Developers site, but when running Pete's Temp. ADB Root Procedure I kept running into the following error: "There was a problem with this procedure. Try rebooting your phone..."

Some other info: My droid was rooted successfully several months ago, and I still have Superuser installed, but I think I updated something (I read various claims about how some recent updates will unroot your phone). So I have Superuser installed, but with no root access, and now it's just kind of stuck on there.

Right now my phone seems unrootable. I'm just wondering what steps, if any, I can take to successfully root my phone.


#1 Opium Jellyfis, Jun 22, 2012
Go to about phone. What system version do you have? Does it say .621 in it? If so, look at the .621 pinned thread at the top of the forum. If not try zergroot.
#2 WhoDoo Voodoo, Jun 22, 2012
I just bought an Droid X. It was adverted as 2.1, maybe it was & it OTA'd to 2.3.4. Wish I had checked here 1st. So as of now there's no easy way to root it?

I'm frustrated cause I just ASS-u-ME-d. Having successfully rooted an Eris, a Incredible & being a member here, XDA & HoFo it'd be easy peasy. I hope this changes soon. So I can stop feeling bad for assuming.

Update: Found these 2 threads & when I have the time & energy I'll study them & maybe try'em out.

.621 Root Method - For new OTA Update - xda-developers

Droid X .621 sbf flash whole method - xda-developers
#3 zapjb, Jun 25, 2012
Do it! The boot CD didn't exactly match the instructions I found, but it was easy.

Using Wizard's Miui .... happy happy with my X!

My first phone was an Eris. What a sweet, clear, colorful screen on those little phones. :)
#4 Munkyme, Jun 25, 2012
I need some help. I have not been able to find active 604 SBF and sbf_flash download links. When I Google or search forums I get 2 yr old posts with invalid links.

Doh! Found in linked posts.
#5 zapjb, Jun 25, 2012
Once I found the correct way it was easy! Links & info belong to others I did NONE of the heavy lifting. Following is only for Droid X 4.5.621. Burn a Linux .iso & boot from it. The WINDOWS methods don't work & might brick your Droid. I read this over & over numerous places. You are warned! Choose flash SBF, let it do it's thing. Then choose root, follow instructions. Your Droid X 4.5.621 is rooted & has a nonVZW ROM so (I believe) it will not receive any OTA updates to unroot it. You'll retain the same radio .15p, system version is 4.5.604. Android version is now 2.3.5. To obtain Clockworkmod Recovery I loaded Bootstrap .apk for Droid X2 (works with USB debugging). I now have CWM recovery & made a successful Nandroid. Install ROM Manager & flash ClockworkMod Recovery in Rom Manager. To get into CWMR from a powered off state. Hold the Vol down, then press & release the power button after the Moto logo appears then in 10-15 You'll be in CWMR. Now you can try on ROMS like all getout. Have fun & remember I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. NONE WHATSOEVER! If this is all greek to you, don't do it. All this info was jumbled together from AF, XDA, DF & especially DXF.

Edit: I also found out after installing & applying Bootstrap for Droid X2. I had to uninstall Bootstrap Droid X2 & then install Rom Manager. Without uninstalling Bootstrap Droid X2 I was having a difficult time getting into CWMR from a powered off state. I also Choose Droid Milestone when flashing CWMR. So far so good. I'll update this as time goes by.

Download - 1KDStaz_MX_4.5.604.iso
Linux solution to your Windows/RSD lite problems
#6 zapjb, Jun 26, 2012