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Support cant send any texts messages

guys having an issue with my phone today I noticed that I can't send out a text it gets sent back to me as a fail, when I go into the message details it says Error code: -1

(I can receive texts and make calls with no issues)

any thoughts
running Cm7



#1 MotoDefy, Jun 20, 2012

I fixed the problem might as well share it with all as a newbie to another newbie
Called my cell phone provider to make sure my sim was ok, it was.
my last resort before i would attempt a new install or factory Hard reset
I went into recovery _Advanced_Wipe Dalvik cache also I wipe cache partition.
I cant be 100% sure if just (Wipe Dalvik cache) would of worked or having to Wipe Dalvik cache and wipe cache partition.
I sent out a text and it worked.
hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
#2 MotoDefy, Jun 21, 2012
the same happened to me. Sometimes when i used to send a text, it would get back at me, and i used to press resend till` it was delivered.
#3 bergergary404, Oct 4, 2013