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Have Verizon and purchased 2 Samsung s7 edge phones. Used email service for years without any problems. I have been to 3 Verizon stores trying to get my email setup and spoke to a Samsung rep and no one can help. Is there a phone number for help? We have spent a whole day and can not use the email. Please help!


#1 Woodratt, Mar 12, 2016
Here's a nice step-by-step guide that might help: account
and if you go here and enter your email address it will present you with the settings to fill in:
#2 svim, Mar 12, 2016
If svim's suggestion still doesn't help, just try another email app. Samsung email apps are √Īotoriously buggy. Try K-9, Maildroid or my favorite, AquaMail
#3 Crashdamage, Mar 12, 2016
Agreed, move from the stock mail app! My recommendation is K9 Mail.
#4 BillArf, Mar 12, 2016
if above mail details dont work u can use this site to provide same details.
#5 coolpintud, Feb 2, 2017