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Support Can't unlock phone with code provided by service provider

My name is Kasey and I'm very new here. I know slap jack about smart phones as far as unlocking them goes, which really irritates me since I like to be in the know about things.
Here's the frustrating dilemma, I received my unlock code yesterday but it doesn't work. I've tried unlocking it three times now, to no avail. Customer service proved to be a futile attempt on my behalf. I've wasted nearly $60 on a new sim card and cell provider/monthly no contract plan, and I can't use it. I really want to unlock my phone, but my head is starting to expel steam as this whole ordeal has been going on for a freaking week. Patience is thin! Please help me if you can. I have an Optimus F6 MS500 and the correct imei was given for the correct unlock code. It is a metroPCS phone with an at&t compatible sim card for straight talk. I hear Metro is now owned by at&t so I don't understand wtf is up.


#1 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
Metro is now T-Mobile not at&t
#2 Trevor Philips, Aug 2, 2014
1. Call metro to get an unlock code or find online unlock provider.
2. Dial 2945#*500#
3. Select: Service provider lock
4. Enter SPCK code (usually)
5. Reboot (this should automatically happen)

Also T-Mobile owns Metro. If you've had service with Metro for 2-3 months, they'll provide unlock code, otherwise go online.
#3 Hus, Aug 2, 2014
Hi sorry you are right I meant T-Mobile. When I enter my code it says unlock was unsuccessful : ( I've tried to download the rooting app you suggested but it failed.
#4 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
When I called back insisting I had the wrong code she said it was the same code for all lg F6 MS 500 optimus phones, and that that was the only code she had .
#5 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
Go here

Fill in info. Get SP_LOCK code, enter it under Service Provider Lock.
#6 Hus, Aug 2, 2014
where are they going to send me the unlock code?
#7 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
I just received the code and it also was unsuccessful : ( What am I doing wrong, I only have four more tries left :(
#8 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
The email should have told you which code to input into which option. 99.99% (0.01% being yourself) have used SP_LOCK under Service Provider Lock option to unlock their MS500. So either you're not following one of those directions (email or what everyone else has done) or you in fact may have a D500 or something else.
#9 Hus, Aug 2, 2014
On the box in which the phone came in it says ms500, the phone only allows me to type a code under service provider lock. Would the SIM card have anything to do with it?
#10 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
the imei code was entered wrong! WTF I will try again.
#11 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
okay people lets try this one more time.
#12 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
yay it worked now, is this site going to charge me when I'm not looking or was this a one time thing? Again, thank you. The people at metro gave me the exact same number except the last digit was a 1 when they gave me a 0. wtf. Thank you thank you thank you!
#13 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
okay so the phone is unlocked but now I can't save my new APN settings, it only let's me choose fast.t-mobile.com
#14 SnootyCoyote423, Aug 2, 2014
You should be able to create your own apn and reboot afterwards.
#15 Hus, Aug 2, 2014
You guys/gals are gonna laugh. I was inputting the SIM unlock code (I didn't know any better). After asking for help in another post, I was directed here. As you've stated, I was supposed to enter the "SP_LOCK" code provided by the company I got my unlock codes from. Thank you all for the help!
#16 faheyd, Aug 26, 2014
Hus, great job, but may I make a suggestion please?

In your list of instructions, for me, it would have been more clear if you had taken the 4th line:

4. Enter SPCK code (usually)

and changed it to:

4. Enter SP_LOCK code (usually)

At least that's the way it went down for our two LG F6 phones and follows what you describe above, but what is someone doesn't read this far into the thread? They could be confused...

#17 healthylaff, Sep 19, 2014
These are the instructions I was sent so they may be of help to someone.

If your phone is from Metropcs Use SPCK=SERVICE PROVIDER LOCK
If you phone is from other carriers/operators Use NCK=NETWORK LOCK
How to enter unlock code (General Method for most LGs)
3. DIAL 2945#*xxx# where xxx is Model of LG then PRESS SEND
xxx= For example if you have LG F6 MS500 then dial 2945#*500#
for LG L70 MS323 enter 2945#*323# for LG G2 Flex-D950 dial 2945#*950#
Choose Network Lock or Service Provider Lock and enter required code.
#18 pfoneguy, Sep 19, 2014
Have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit SGHT-599N Need codes for network SIM unlock or need advice on how to get them
#19 riverdawg88, Oct 26, 2014
I notice that no one has mentioned what the SPCK is. I'd think that incidental piece of information would be of interest to someone. Might it be U8150 (?)
#20 Randymanme, Nov 5, 2014
what was the code?
#21 SS11, Nov 8, 2014
Just remember a general rule of thumb with unlocking, most phones will unlock, yes, but they won't work on all carriers (might voice but not data), due to different radios.
#22 LoopyD, Nov 29, 2014
I have the same phone and service!
Can you email me or send me the unlock code, Please?
#23 Kylee, Aug 15, 2015
I need code for LGMS500 i only have 1 more try left!
#24 KINNG_DAVID, Dec 2, 2015
#25 JayzTwoDimes, Dec 5, 2015