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Support Casting Amazon Video using Chromecast

So finally, we got Amazon Prime membership. I was tinkering around Amazon video and realized it doesn't have native Chromecast support (not surprised). I searched the web for ideas on casting. I finally managed to cast the screen through Chromecast app. The experience didn't please me.

Casting stuttered a lot. Plus, it seems processor intensive process. Casting Selma cost about half of 3000mAh battery. I don't mind battery but I do mind stuttering. I am not going to buy Amazon TV or any other hardware. If I download the movie, I can't find it using ES file explorer. Its probably hiding somewhere through amazon video app. So downloading and casting as a local file is not an option.

What other options do I have to cast video, just like youtube. Good quality and stutter-free.

Thanks in advance.


#1 deltaforce, Dec 29, 2015
I'm sorry to say it, but your options are buying an Amazon stick or other streaming device. I can't use Prime video through my Chromecast, I have to use my Blueray player.:(
#2 Unforgiven, Dec 29, 2015
Thanks for confirming my fear. I hope some smarties crack this sh!t. Amazon is becoming second Apple. I dropped out of Apple ecosystem exactly because of this.
#3 deltaforce, Dec 29, 2015
Unfortunately, that's just how it is. :(

For added awesome, Amazon doesn't sell the Chromecast (or Nexus Player, or even Apple TV) because those devices can't be used for streaming from Amazon's video service.... even though it's 100% Amazon's decision to prevent those devices from streaming Amazon's video service. :rolleyes:

I don't want to bring my toys to your house, and I don't want to come to your house because my toys aren't there...
#4 codesplice, Dec 29, 2015
Also, you can't get any Google apps on Amazon Fire. I haven't tried sideloading any yet.
#5 bg4m3r, Dec 29, 2015
Do you have a game console? I have the app on my PS3 and it works great. I also have the Amazon Video app built into my TV, but sometimes it seems like the PS3 does a better job of picking up the Wi-Fi signal.
#6 Gmash, Dec 29, 2015
We have Prime for shipping, and like to take advantage of the free video content while we have it. It's the one service we get that won't play nice with Chromecast though. We have a "Smart TV," but rarely use the "smart" features, and it has Amazon, but navigating it's menus to find a good movie sucks. The solution I've found is to find the movie you like using the Android app on your phone (or on the laptop using the browser) and start playing it there. Stop playing it, and start the Amazon app on the TV, and it shows up quickly as "recently played." It's simple to restart it there. Firing it off to Chromecast would still be miles easier, but at least this works without too much hair pulling.
#7 JMainusch, Jan 5, 2016
That's the way I do it too. Stupid silos. :mad:
#8 Unforgiven, Jan 5, 2016
isn't it also easier to use a simple Miracast dongle and not be restricted to "CHROMECAST" this or Amazon that? I mean.. Miracast support is embedded into stock KK OS and above.. Why DL extra apps to consume more RAM and the added heat? [emoji12]
#9 bcrichster, Jan 5, 2016
It's easier to just browse the movies and shows on your phone, and add anything you're interested in to your watchlist. Then it's easy to pick from the watchlist on the TV app.
#10 Gmash, Jan 5, 2016
The reason I prefer Chromecast over something akin to Miracast is that the way Chromecast works, you just tell it what to stream, and it pulls the stream directly from the source, freeing your handheld device up. As I understand it, with Miracast, et al, The stream is coming into the house and going to your phone, and then your phone turns around and streams it over to the TV. Far and away less efficient. You burn way more battery, and you can't call, text, or anything else while watching the movie.
#11 JMainusch, Jan 6, 2016
Then that means Chromecast requires WiFi?
#12 bcrichster, Jan 6, 2016
Yup... It connects straight to your router... There are some third party apps I think that will go straight to it... But that's not the way it's meant to be used
#13 psionandy, Jan 6, 2016
When you cast from Chomecast compatible devices the stream goest directly from your router to the chromecast and your device is simply a remote control as @psionandy said.
#14 Unforgiven, Jan 6, 2016
To watch Amazon video on or Chromecast, we use Chrome on my laptop to open the video on Amazon, then cast the tab and very rarely observe any buffering.
#15 mising, Jan 17, 2016
Thank you folks. I tried again with various methods while you folks were commenting here. It irked me so much that I canceled prime membership. The rep asked why am I terminating membership. I clearly mentioned their insistence on amazon eco system and turning itself to be another apple like ecosystem. I refuse to fall for that
#16 deltaforce, Jan 18, 2016
Bam!! Be heard.. Right on. :cool:
#17 bcrichster, Jan 18, 2016
To add to good responses above:

I have both Chromecast and miracast.

At my own home, where I have Wi-Fi internet, Chromecast is more capable. I have choice of either using phone like a channel changer(doesn't tie up phone or use battery) or else of casting the screen (I only use that when the app supplying the content doesn't support Chromecast). With miracast, there is no choice, cast only. Chromecast is better in this scenario (WiFi available).

But I often go to my mom's apartment where there is no WiFi. Miracast is the only option in this scenario (no WiFi)
#18 electricpete, Jan 23, 2016
Right on! And good info, bro. [emoji41] I only WISH I had WiFi out here in the woods, Lol. So I go into town and DL movies for the minions to Miracast them at home.
#19 bcrichster, Jan 23, 2016
It's easy. Just go to Google home and choose mirror your phone. Then goto amazon prime pick yr video and it will show on yr phone and on the TV. IT WORKS GREAT.
#20 Themotorman, Dec 25, 2016 Last edited by a moderator: Dec 27, 2016