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Catch Ball 2 - A casual game, it is addictive and fun!


Catch Ball 2 is a casual game, it is addictive and fun!
Try to not let ball to fall into the cup!

You should catch the ball with sticks using your one fingers. The longer you survive the more you score.
You are trying to catch the ball inside by moving a stick. Do not let the ball fall into the cup. Each ball gives you point. Try to be more careful with balls, as they can make difficult to catch the ball by retrieving it. You can track your current and best scores.
By time goes on ball is getting more faster and you have to hurry to catch the ball, game becomes more challenging
Have fun !
- Available on Google Play
==> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.it9x.catchballzz



#1 KhanhIT, Jun 12, 2018