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General Change color scheme in S5?

I don't know about any of you guys, but I absolutely hate the blue/green color scheme on the S5. It's absolutely tacky. Any way to change this within TouchWhiz? I'm new to android so I don't know too much. These are the horrific colors I am talking about:


#1 zakalifa, May 29, 2014
not through touchwiz.. and even a launcher doesnt fix those either.. im with you.. a good set of color schemes would be great..
#2 dgrobe2112, May 29, 2014
Why not get APEX Launcher, Free in the store? There is a bunch of free themes that go with it? Easy to configure too

#3 Carpe Nocturnal, May 29, 2014
will apex launcher get rid of the ugly ass pastel colors associated with the contacts, phone and text message? i tried go sms pro and its other offerings and hated it.
#4 steve392, May 30, 2014
i've got nova launcher prime now, but it doesn't do anything with the stuff i mentioned.
#5 steve392, May 30, 2014
oh I see, yeah my bad, it doesnt seem to be able to change that. I only use the compacted menu and have shortcuts or toolbars for the actions I need to utilize the most, that doesnt bother me.

#6 Carpe Nocturnal, May 30, 2014
So hideous! It's searing my retinas and that's a significant design flaw when your users don't want to even look at your device. How long until my contact is up ...?
#7 pamici, May 10, 2015