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General Charger getting Real Hot

Is it normal for the charger to get real hot so hot that it is almost untouchable but there is no smell of burning or something being hot? My charger gets very hot so much it is almost untouchable I know it is normal for a charger to get hot because my cheap X10 Tablet charger gets hot but not as hot as the charger for My Asus charger gets. I have the official Asus charger and not a off brand or even a OEM.


#1 daldude, Jul 11, 2013
That's usually a sign that something is running a lot and using a lot of CPU. No, it's not normal.

What happens if you leave it plugged in but power down your device? Does it still get hot?

FWIW, I tried other 2 amp chargers and they don't work as well on this, usually charging just the tablet and not the dock if plugged in overnight (8 hours).
#2 colchiro, Jul 11, 2013
Are you referring to the brick that plugs into the wall? Mine also get quite hot, but that's probably because it has a higher current rating than most dc adapters in order to help charge both the tablet and keyboard in a relatively quick manner.
#3 jhawkkw, Jul 11, 2013
Yes it still gets hot even if I power the tablet down and then charge it when it is off.
I don't have a dock just the Tablet.

#4 daldude, Jul 11, 2013
Yes I am referring to the black brick that plugs into the wall and it is a official Asus charger and not a off brand and I don't have a Dock only the Tablet.

#5 daldude, Jul 11, 2013
Yeah, it will get hot just because of how much juice is flowing through it. I wouldn't get too concerned unless you start to see it deteriorate or detect obvious signs of it failing like a burning smell.
#6 jhawkkw, Jul 11, 2013