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Support Cheap Android Device that can run Pokemon Go

I use a windows phone, and even though I am very happy with my phone I cant but help to be upset that Windows Phones doesn't have Pokemon Go. Ive loved Pokemon ever since i was a kid, and even today its one of my favorite franchises so i would love to play it.

Unfortunately I dont have any android device that I can play it on as it needs to be at least Android 4.3

I do have a Nvidia Shield Portable that can run it, but it doesnt have a camera. Plus I dont feel like carrying that around as it is weird to hold for mobile games. I was thinking of getting the Nvidia Shield Tablet, but I just cant justify paying $200 to play Pokemon Go.

So is there anything cheap I can get? I was going to get the Amazon Fire HD 6, but it apparently doesnt have GPS which is needed.



#1 JayWood2010, Jul 8, 2016
I can't list any phones, but here's what you need to look for (estimated cpu/ram reqs):
1Ghz Quad Core
1GB Ram
Android 4.3+ (Probably won't run on any devices that actually shipped with 4.3, tthough, because they usually just had dual cores and around 512mb ram, so look for 4.4.2 or newer)
Gyroscope (absolutely necessary for the AR features, this is what's stopping me from playing. A good, cheap, phone with a gyro is hard to find)
Mobile data on the phone or a portable wifi hotspot (another phone with data or whatever)
#2 ciresiuol123, Jul 8, 2016
An old Galaxy S4 would probably do nicely.
#3 chanchan05, Jul 9, 2016
Best phone Samsung ever made IMO.
#4 mikedt, Jul 9, 2016
A Bluboo Maya might work.
#5 lagennagen, Jul 9, 2016
I'm going with S5 for that. Lol. Waterproof with all the advantages of the previous designs.
#6 chanchan05, Jul 9, 2016

Would the phone mentioned there do the trick?
#7 El Presidente, Jul 10, 2016
It's another cheapo China phone that might work with Pokémon Go. My advice, get a used Samsung S4 or S5 from Swappa, both of those will work with it.
#8 mikedt, Jul 10, 2016
Did you read the entire article? It states it does work with it.
#9 El Presidente, Jul 10, 2016
I bought a huawei union boost android 4.5 phone at Kmart for $20 yesterday. Original price $80.
#10 No One1, Jul 14, 2016
Rather rejoice that you are not running Pokemon GO. Take care of your brain
#11 CenturionB, Jul 17, 2016