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General Clean Master is bloated!

Clean Master was a useful app when it came out. Now it's loaded with bloat. I'm following the World Cup on Fotmob - why does Clean Master tell me about the World Cup??? Its ads and "try this app" bloat are more than annoying. And, to end this vein-bulging rant, the way it counts memory and files cleared together makes it look as though CM is... I dunno... saving the world from the Trilateral Commission or some other evil and isn't it great for doing that! PUHleeze!

What's a good replacement for Clean Master?


#1 RBEmerson, Jul 3, 2014
Well, the ads aren't all that intrusive to me.
But, I have been considering kicking it out the door....
Used AVG free for a decade on everything else, including my previous 'S' phone, at least that didn't used to have any ads on it.

got a good joke for you. Installed AdBlock and then all I get is ads. Uninstalled adblock and the ads went away. used to be a good program on my PC. Now it is gone from there too.

I now use AdFender on my PC, it is great.

I also use NoScript which is an addin for FireFox... it is great. nothing runs unless you give it permission. That though can be a pain in the neck.
#2 AZgl1500, Jul 3, 2014
The ads are, compared to most apps, rather "in yo' face". But the real gripe is the reported actions (saved 250Mb!!!!) seem to be a mix of useful house-cleaning and ...ah... creative accounting? Bottom line: I don't trust it as much I did the earlier rev.s If I can't trust an app, why keep it? Hence the search for a replacement.

FWIW, if an app earns its keep, I'm willing to pay for useful add-ons and no ads.
#3 RBEmerson, Jul 3, 2014
I see no problems with the ads. They're not too bad. It's a free app so I don't mind. Root and block the ads on apps I'd you can't handle them. I use clean master for find my phone, cleaning junk and anti virus now. All three things in one app. Lookout took some features away for the free version so I dumped it.
#4 phillyundead, Jul 3, 2014
question is.. is Clean Master really helpful ? :) does it really clean "junks" on your phone?
#5 icedtea, Jul 3, 2014
There ya go - their statistics about what they did (or didn't) are wonky enough that I don't know what they really did.
#6 RBEmerson, Jul 4, 2014
I dumped it ages ago, all it kept doing was draining the battery horrendously on my nexus 7 and xperia z1, so now I haven't even considered putting it on my S5 ;-) Plus there were some serious questions about it's permissions and whether it was really a virus of some sort over on the clean master thread on XDA that were never answered by the devs so I've stayed well clear of it now.
#7 Del1701, Jul 12, 2014
I have tried others and always gone back to Clean Master.
I have it on my S5 and it has never caused a battery drain issue.
#8 AZgl1500, Jul 12, 2014