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Root CM12.1-CAF BETA



***Whats working?
  • Network Data
  • Audio **Enable Developer settings and change to using Awesomeplayer(depreciated)
  • Video
  • Proximity Sensor
  • WiFi
***What's not working?
  • Camera
  • Acceleration Sensor ** Code 9, Code 7 in dmesg
  • MTP

This rom is now considered BETA so install it at your own risk. While not everything is working the basic is considered workable. I've also tested out the calling and for some reason when you initiate the hangup well the dialer seems to lag out a bit and the call never ended till the other party ends it. Camera is still not working but I'm sure eventually it will be figured out here.

Brought to my attention that incoming calls are not working and 5GHz band for the wifi isn't working either it's been noted.

--> HERE <-- *Please note that this download is basically a BETA and still being worked on.

Awesomeplayer handles local music files and some streaming as for the new Nuplayer handles a lot of the new http streaming solutions.
  1. Enable Developer Settings
  2. Switch on Awesomeplayer(depreciated)


Okay you don't need my keymaster fix zip the ROM already has those keys.

Files are found while running the ROM in the directory


Copy those files into the directory


Remove the existing keymaster* files and rename the copied files and change their ownership and permissions



Then reboot

--> GITHUB <--
*Sources will be pushed appropriately right now they do not have the changes from a local server.

  • 2015/12/10 - MODEM MODEM MODEM out of date...
  • RECENT --> LOGCAT <--
  • 2015/12/11 - MODEM updated ANK3 though downloaded version latest doesn't reflect the same. Seems the missing files showed up in the new firmware thanks to @KAsp3rd for pointing out. Things looking like paths for audio sources shouldn't be 0 quoting kasp3rd "Physical path."
  • 2015/12/26 - Fixed Wifi getting closer Audio and Camera left to attack then I will switch gears and call this a BETA project.
  • 2016/01/01 - Audio sources were sorted out and corrected. Not completely but its workable. Happy New Years guys.



#1 Adknight87, Nov 12, 2015 Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
Screenshot - 11102015 - 11:54:27 PM.png
Getting there working on the boot looping.
#2 Adknight87, Nov 12, 2015
Working on
*wifi -kernel deal -shrugs-
*Camera set_params
*Network "Sim Not showing up"
*Audio "Something about not having a source to play out to probably the same with the video."
#3 Adknight87, Nov 29, 2015
It is long before you finish the? I look forward to try here and give daily use rom !!!! You inform you a little more in development please
#4 josukekun, Nov 30, 2015
test rom see 1st post
#5 Adknight87, Dec 3, 2015 Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
thanks I'll have to wait for the list to be stable daily use I liked a lot!
#6 josukekun, Dec 5, 2015
I just have to figure out how to fix this ril dealio then we will have service back LOL this is new to me so I'm making leaps and bounds. Gotta love trial and error.
#7 Adknight87, Dec 6, 2015
ooo I overlooked something and got service working.
#8 Adknight87, Dec 6, 2015
great I congratulate you , and you can speak a little better of bug? and as is the framerate of battery? assured that your work will be appreciated by many here apparently have not noticed xD
#9 josukekun, Dec 6, 2015
Honestly I'm just trying to get this rom functional as there is no audio not sure what it is so I'm compiling qcom legacy for audio stuff. I haven't ran the rom very long to see the battery usage but it is pretty reactive to navigating around. Feels fluid is what I'm saying. But as of right now I'm working on the audio deal with a little bit of direction from someone helping point the obvious out that I'm missing.
#10 Adknight87, Dec 6, 2015
hopefully a good Christmas gift for all, encouragement achieved it make 100 % functional xD
#11 josukekun, Dec 6, 2015
Doubt it'll be done before Christmas though I'm working on stuff if someone knows about media_paths.xml I seem to be having trouble getting the audio to work
#12 Adknight87, Dec 7, 2015
Dude you're doing an excellent job and I can't wait to c cm12.1 working flawlessly or even close on this phone. Ik there was another guy working on cm12.1 as well but gave up on getting the wifi to work correctly, i even flashed it for myself and it was really fast just like the cm11 rom, getting this rom to work for this phone would be a huge blessing for me lol, had the LG Leon but hard bricked it on accident, miss that stable cm12.1 it had, got this phone as a replacement, i like the touchwiz rom and cm11 but i still really miss cm12.1, had all the themes lmao:p
#13 aurey2244, Dec 12, 2015
You do know LG fixes that for free? had a bricked lg connect 4g and told them I installed a app that like erased android they said send it in.
#14 Adknight87, Dec 13, 2015
Little update. I have been helping my buddy out this weekend with his truck from flushing his coolant system to a ball joint and U joint replacement. so I haven't cracked down on the rom yet but I will be.
#15 Adknight87, Dec 13, 2015
Yeah it was free but my insurance spokesperson said they didin't have the Leon in stock anymore so they gave me a different phone instead, I asked them about repairing it but i couldn't get a straight answer, it's ok tho, i was in situation where i could've gotten a new one if they had it in stock instead of repairs, but they gave me a new different phone, I'm still happy to have it. Hopefully I can help in my own way with this rom and helping ur friend out with that is very nice, ik what its like having to work on cars so I could only imagine it took some patience, take ya time man and then when u want get back to the rom, do what u do, no worries on my end.
#16 aurey2244, Dec 14, 2015
So, ...Yea, Fixed the wifi. Still trying to figure out the Audio and Camera. Getting closer.
#17 Adknight87, Dec 26, 2015
Awesome imma download and b happy for it
#18 aurey2244, Dec 26, 2015
not uploaded yet doing another build right now to remedy the audio and camera
#19 Adknight87, Dec 26, 2015
Thanks man, just let me know when it's out because I would love to try this rom personally, I support u all way man, lemme know if I can help
#20 aurey2244, Dec 27, 2015
Well I'm lost about my build telling me that the CameraWrapper.cpp has a whole bunch of undeclared items that are found in the CameraParametersExtra.h document but it's still throwing me an error.
#21 Adknight87, Dec 27, 2015
Hmm I'll look in to this by checking with other devs to c if they know how to fix this issue, ik one might, he went thru camera problems too
#22 aurey2244, Dec 27, 2015
OK, I've hit up some devs about this and am waiting to c what they say, also couldn't u just have taken another cm12.1 build for this model and extracted out anything that u needed for ur build to fix the problem? Or is that illegal?
#23 aurey2244, Dec 27, 2015
I could be wrong, but I thinks it's more of a device-specific problem, needing certain properties and codes from that phone and kernel.
#24 nmaxwell_, Dec 27, 2015
Ahh so even tho the other build was finished for this phone (say for example the one that works fine with the exception of wifi not working), he couldn't just use that as his.. like base and extract the camera and audio stuff to replace anything in his build? Or would it be better to just fix the wifi on that abandoned one? Idk how any of that works but just best of luck Adknight87, the people with this phone who support u, and are willing to help will do are best to help this rom be defined as stable
#25 aurey2244, Dec 27, 2015
That'll give me some time to charge my phone
#76 nmaxwell_, Jan 1, 2016