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Support Compatible firmware for RCT6378W2

I have been having problems with an RCT6378W2 that does not boot past the RCA splashscreen. Prior to crashing, USB debugging was not enabled. It seems that I am in a bind until I can manage to reflash the tablet with the proper firmware. To my knowledge, it seems that RCA has not released the firmware for this tablet.

So, that brings me to my question: Does anybody know if there are any other firmwares floating around on the internet that might be compatible with this tablet? Here are a few questions I have been wondering about:

1. Is there some sort of "Universal" firmware that works on multiple tablets? For example, something similar to the live linux distributions?

2. Would it be possible to flash the tablet with a firmware that goes to a tablet with similar or identical specs? I have heard that firmware roms are frequently processor and motherboard specific. The following link gives a much more technical specifications than the RCA website.

3. (A question for you developers out there) - How specific does a firmware rom need to be? Is there some sort of digital signature that can be manipulated from one tablets firmware to make it install to a different tablet with equal specs?

Any help would be appreciated. My tablet still turns on and goes to the Android Recovery System <3e>, so I feel like there should still be hope for it. I just haven't been able to find anything that works.


#1 jeremyb234, Aug 19, 2014
http://support.platinet.pl/tablets/ot7503/ este firmware le da con algunos errores, puedes provar si deseas, por cierto necesito ayuda, alguien que pueda corregir los detalles de la bateria y del wifi, tengo otros firmwares, que si hacen correr la bateria, pero lo que ya no funciona es el audio y siempre la bateria, no se porque falla :/
#2 zaloda, Nov 23, 2014