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Support Connecting Moto Z Force to either PC or Mac to get photos

Hi -

I would like to upload photos and video from my Moto Z Force to my PC or iMac, don't care which.

When I connect to either machine, the system says there is nothing in my folder to upload. The folder is found, as you see in the attached screen shot, but the message is "folder is empty."

I've tried two apps including and same thing - you connect, launch the app and it claims "folder is empty."

Any help appreciated, thank you...!

PS I know some of you may tell me "You can connect to Google drive and the Moto Z will store them there!" But I'm old school...

(I won't now go into why every other phone I've had, and every pro camera I've owned, finds the photos when you connect the unit to your computer, and one doesn't need an app or to spend hours trying to make the darn thing do what you ask it to, 1,2,3. no problem.) PEACE thank you Moto Z screen shot.JPG



#1 JeremiahWasABullFrog, Dec 6, 2016
If you're having issues with both Windows and Mac one thing to look at is the USB cable you're using. Not all USB cables are the same, while most are data/power a few are power only. Also some cheap ones just have crappy, low gauge wires inside. If you have a different cable try that. Another issue is drivers so reloading or updating the driver may help. (an older version may have MTP/PTP/mass storage issues which may also be related to your problem.)

But I know you don't want to hear this but if you were to install something like Google Photos onto your Moto, you'd end up with a synced, online backup of photo archive along with the ability to have full access (read, write, edit) to it at any time through a web browser --
If it is a privacy/security thing for you, note that a) you've got a smartphone and b) you've got online access. Two things where your privacy is already compromised no matter what your do (to an extent) and security is part your responsibility and part hoping whatever online services you use don't get hacked.
#2 svim, Dec 6, 2016
Welcome to Android Forums.

Just a guess ... you have it set to Charging

With USB connected ... on your phone ... if you swipe down is there a Notification for Use USB for? Is File Transfer selected?

... Thom
#3 Thom, Dec 6, 2016