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Contact Sync with Messages

I have a Verizon Pixel running Android 8.0.0, Security patch level Oct 5, 2017. Using the stock Android Messages app (v2.5.212).

I have 2 Google accounts configured on my phone: 1 personal Gmail account, and 1 Google for Work account. Syncing is enabled for both, but for some reason the Messages app will not correlate phone numbers with any contact from my Work account. Names from my Personal account work fine, but anyone from work just comes up as a number.

I have copied the co-workers from the "Directory" to my "Contacts" on the Google for Work side thinking that would solve the problem, but it didn't.

I've cleared the cache on Messages. I've done a Force Stop. Neither helped.

I've gone into System Settings > Users & accounts and selected my work account and forced a full sync. Didn't help.

Any ideas how to get Messages to pull from personal and work contacts?



#1 MB1111, Oct 11, 2017
I just tried removing the work account, rebooting the phone, and re-adding the account. Didn't help. I'm baffled.
#2 MB1111, Oct 13, 2017
Just had a lovely call with Google Support and they're as stumped as I am. Seemed pretty nonchalant about it too. Disappointing that Google treats their customers like this...
#3 MB1111, Oct 23, 2017
Sorry if this is asking the obvious but is your dialer able to get the details for these contacts?
#4 srinathrajaram, Oct 24, 2017
Just checked, and the dialer app can see the work contacts' phone numbers correctly. Good suggestion though.
#5 MB1111, Oct 24, 2017