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contacts from mobile phone in the google account

Hi All,

does anybody know how can I find on my google account my contacts from my android mobile? My mobile ended in a swimming pool for mistake, so it doesn't work and all the phone numbers was saved on the telephone and not on the sim card :(
Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!!


#1 anitaki, Mar 4, 2012

Question, (for clarity) when you added contacts via your phone, were you adding them to the phone or your google account?

If you added them to the phone, there may be no way to recover, but if you added to your google account, you should be able to see any/all your contacts by going to the internet and logging into your google account.

For situations like this, its always best to save phone numbers to your google account as the numbers are associated with your google account, not your phone.
#2 KENNECTED, Mar 4, 2012
i need the names and their numbers from. the google. account
#3 lex 49, Dec 11, 2013
To check if your contacts were saved, go to the Google home page using a browser, selecte Gmail, log into your account and then find Contacts.

With a bit of luck, they should all be there .. I know mine were, even though I thought I'd turned of sync'ing :D

If they are, you'll probably find your calendar entries under Calendar, too
#4 SiempreTuna, Dec 11, 2013
What device do you have? As was noted by others you often will have a choice when creating a contact, it can be created on either the phone or the Google account. Unless you create it as a Google account contact it won't be backed up to your Google account.
#5 mplevy, Dec 11, 2013
I think this may be asking a varient on my question...I entered contacts on my phone, but want them to be conencted via Google. Is there a way to do this? Or once it is created via phone there is no way to transfer?
#6 Prez8983, May 1, 2014
On my phone, if you open the dialer and go into the menu, select "Manage Contacts," then "Copy Contacts," you can copy them from one account (Google, phone, etc.) to another.
#7 Italo, May 2, 2014
After logging into Gmail using your Google accout, click the "Gmail" drop down in the top left hand corner, and go to "Contacts." They will either show up under "my contacts" or "other contacts."
#8 Italo, May 2, 2014