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General Contacts won't sync to FB >.<

I've been at this for a couple days now, and I've reached my limit. I need help before I toss this phone into oncoming traffic.
This is especially aggravating because I am a CAD/CAM Specialist and I should be able to figure this out.

All I want to do, is to be able to link my Facebook contacts with my phone contacts. I've owned every Galaxy phone ever made and never had any issues with this before. I've tried, Accounts>Facebook>Sync Contacts
(that only updates the last synced 'date and time' but it happens instantly. No loading wheel/bar or anything that would signify a short time delay of any information actually being exchanged,... just an instantaneous "ok, yur synced.")

I'll then go to, Contacts>pick a contact>Edit>Link Another Contact (little chain link icon), and then my contacts list pops up, but none of them are Facebook contacts, just Phone, Google, etc.

I just got this Note 5 a week ago. I noticed that Facebook is a pre-installed app (this is new :-/) that I can not completely uninstall and reinstall. Just disable and uninstall updates, which I've done already a few times to see if an initial setup option would allow my contacts list to pick up Facebook. No option to do so ever came up.

Tried, Contacts>Import Contacts, but no Facebook option.
Tried, Contacts>Contacts To Display>Facebook, still nothing.
Tried, Contacts>Contacts To Display>Custom, selected Phone, Google, Facebook,... still nothing.

At this point I wouldn't even mind having to go through and individually link each contact to their Facebook profile. I just want the option to be there when I go to Link Another Contact from the Contacts app on my Note 5.

PLEASE HELP! The life expectancy of this phone depends on it. Maybe it's something stupid that I forgot, or maybe it's a bug, either way I need answers!!!!!


#1 l3rodie, Sep 27, 2015
I'm not a facebooker,but,perhaps freezing the facebook app that is installed w/this (Package Disabler Pro) :
Then,download an older version of the fb app from APK Mirror (they're safe,no malware or pirated apps) :thumbsupdroid:

(ignore any other Google search that brings up a similarly sounding site w/another dot suffix,such as .info/.net/etc...)

Again,I'm not a facebooker,just throwing some suggestions out there.........
#2 KOLIO, Sep 27, 2015
I appreciate the link, but this is something that should just work anyways. I'm gonna hold off on downloading and additional app for now, maybe as a last resort.

If I have multiple contacts across multiple accounts, and they're all set to sync in app settings through android then they should sync. Not say they're synced and then not actually do it.
#3 l3rodie, Sep 27, 2015
I hope you get this resolved.
Not having a facebook account limits any help/suggestions I can offer.
Only other things that come to mind are searching Samsung &/or facebooks' support forums/Customer Care.
Your service provider support/Customer Care may have something as well.
I know these suggestions sound kinda lame,but,especially the Carrier support,there may be something Carrier specific that's different in your model vs others.
#4 KOLIO, Sep 27, 2015
Have you gone into the Facebook app itself?
#5 Mdraej99, Sep 27, 2015
I was having the same issue with mine and after tinkering around with the settings in the actual facebook app and syncing the contacts again it just finally linked them all up.
#6 siblues, Sep 27, 2015
So how's it going did you get it resolved and how?
#7 siblues, Sep 29, 2015
I think I found that solution. Go to the App from the application manager. Clear the date and the cache and I think I should work automatically after that. I had the exact same problem and this is how it fixed it for me.

Good luck!
#8 mabadran, Sep 30, 2015
Please please post when you have a solution. I have done it all as well. Factory reset to clearing the cache. I am going nuts over here! I will let you know when I figure this out too. I remember I had a similar problem with my S3. S5 never gave me problems. Now the S6 is being stupid.
I had it synced about a week ago, then I deleted it because I was cleaning it up a bit thinking they would re-sync. NOPE .. Now I'm using all my battery to figure out how to get them back on there.
#9 Sandro00, Oct 3, 2015
Download Ubersync for Facebook in the Play store. Works perfect
#10 papidave, Oct 3, 2015
Says it does not support Facebook contacts anymore. Regardless,this was working in my phone at one point without any apps. Grateful for the reply however. Hopefully this will fix it self.
#11 Sandro00, Oct 3, 2015
GOT IT!!! Uninstall the update of the current Facebook app through application manager. Go back and login into the older version of Facebook. Then go to Menu in the FACEBOOK APP > App Settings > Continuous Contact Sync and Boom! They will sync...The new Facebook update messed everything up. Let me know if this works for you
#12 Sandro00, Oct 5, 2015
Uninstalled Facebook even disabled it....nothing. Re-enabled it and even tried to open the app without the update. It makes you update to use Facebook. Went to App Manager and just uninstalled the uninstalls Facebook. I called my service provider their telling me that Facebook has disabled contact sync. I enjoy looking at my phone seeing a picture of the person calling. It's ridiculous that they'd get rid of contact sync when so many people rely on their cell phones now days.
#13 MiaC, Oct 6, 2015
Didn't work
#14 MiaC, Oct 6, 2015
Omg im having the same issue and its driving me crazy. Please help us out.
#15 W michele, Oct 8, 2015
Anyone have any luck on this? My phone just downloaded the newest update last night, probably the 5th one this week and thats when i noticed it. I was actually able to uninstall the FB app from my phone completely, which I didn't think was possible since I thought it came stock on the phone. I then reinstalled it but still nothing. this is really pissing me off. Hopefully when the release their newest update sometime later today it will start working again....but if anyone else has any luck please let me know asap.
#16 Owen MacDonald, Oct 9, 2015
I had to reset my phone and afterwards the sync isn't working for me.I have read in a few places that people are erasing and clearing the facebook data and disabling it then downloading an older version apk and then it starts working again then they update the facebook app to the newest version and the sync continues to function properly.I haven't tried it yet.

Kolio I tried what you said and used your links after I posted the same exact thing you said earler DUH! That method didn't work for me after I downloaded the APK and installed it after disabling and clearing all the facebook app data the app menu still didn't have the option to sync contacts maybe it was something I did?
#17 siblues, Oct 10, 2015 Last edited: Oct 10, 2015
Not sure if anyone has tried this, but I turned contact sync on in my FB messanger app and it worked.

Settings > People > Synced Contacts > On
#18 Tony_251, Oct 11, 2015
I've tried that with no luck can anyone chime in that has had the issue with the contacts not sync'ing and has figured out another way to get it to work?
#19 siblues, Oct 11, 2015
I just got the Note 5 yesterday and am having st same trouble. It also wont let me link my devise contacts with my google contacts so I have duplicate contacts for each person... Not sure why that one is happening either.
#20 Helen Kington, Oct 12, 2015

I just got a replacement Samsung Note 4 and I am having the same issue...Any other options because none have worked for me
#21 Sergio Flores, Oct 13, 2015
TheThe above post leads me to believe that the app is the reason the contacts aren't syncing.
#22 siblues, Oct 13, 2015
Hi all. I too have Note5 - Verizon. Could not get this to work.

Undid all the Facebook app updates, disabled the preinstalled version, installed the previous Facebook apk from the link in this thread. And then that version will never load - always get error message. Tried several times - reboot phone, etc etc. I gave up for now. Not sure how some got it to work and not us. Oh well.
#23 jrx13, Oct 14, 2015
There was an update to the facebook app today and I was hoping it would fix the problem but it didn't.I don't get how the app comes preinstalled on the phone but one of if not the most important feature is the one that doesn't work?
#24 siblues, Oct 14, 2015
Facebook took contact syncing out of the app lol
They left the code in so maybe they will bring it back.

It's not a big deal for me so I don't see why folks are so upset about it lol
#25 MLSS, Oct 14, 2015