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Root CWM lg l70 d320 MS323 D325

adb push aboot.bin /sdcard/aboot.bin
adb push stockrecoverymod.img /sdcard/stockrecoverymod.img
adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/abootorg.bin
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/recoveryorg.img
dd if=/sdcard/aboot.bin of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
dd if=/sdcard/stockrecoverymod.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
reboot recovery

https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3bxc3yny33bwq0/CWM Lg l 70 d320n.rar?dl=0

Extrat rar on you desktop,Open this file in ADB mode (shift + right click chose Open commnd windows here).


2.Unlock bootloader.

entry into the CWM, there 3 ways:

1.Adb :

adb shell
reboot recovery

2.download rebooter apk with Google Play Store.

3.Key kombo

volume - and the same time power.when you see lg logo release power in 2 sec. and press again power.
wait to enter factory RESET mode.Go to YES (2-3 times).wait the phone will enter in CWM.

CWM meni-Volum+ and - to move through the menu

power buton for selection CWM options

always go on after Rebote recovery DISEBLE RECOVERY FLASH (NO)

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#1 jeffta74, Sep 19, 2014
It works on the D325 one too!
#2 XeVile, Sep 20, 2014
I think it works on MS 323.I tried CWM from MS323 and works normally.Let someone try and tell if it works on MS 323.The difference between these two CWM is in the size of the font,and in this work META-INF skripts normally.While the CWM from ms323 I had trouble with META-INF scripts.IF YOU WISH TO RETURN the old CWM from MS 323 rename you recovery.img to stockrecoverymod and copy the folder CWM Lg l 70 d320n
#3 jeffta74, Sep 20, 2014
Will this work for the LG L70 d321 from cricket wireless? I could root it with towelroot.
#4 AndroidJD, Sep 20, 2014
I suppose you could try but make sure to take backup of both recovery and aboot. Also make sure you can access fastboot so you can flash backups if it doesn't work. Good Luck
#5 XeVile, Sep 21, 2014
Just tried on my MS323, it works fine, only difference the font is smaller, and it doesn't have the touch control, works pretty good. (I only flashed the recovery.img not the aboot.bin thing)
#6 DMedina559, Sep 21, 2014
Great now we have two versions of CWM :) :).
#7 jeffta74, Sep 21, 2014
Great! Worked for D325f8 :) Thank you very much!!
#8 macacovei, Sep 22, 2014
Nice job man, you saved me a lot of time building a recovery for this device since it works on both :D If you don't mind me asking, what source did you use?
#9 MikeHoncho, Sep 22, 2014
do we just download file and run commands
#10 mxdup, Sep 23, 2014
Download to your adb.exe folder then run commands
#11 XeVile, Sep 23, 2014
Extrat rar on you desktop,Open this file shift + right click chose Open commnd windows here and copy commands in the order :)
#12 jeffta74, Sep 23, 2014
nice work thank you working good on my new zealand d320n
#13 mxdup, Sep 23, 2014
Hey jeffta is a ROM on the work? Just asking if it is I can wait no need for ETA
#14 XeVile, Sep 23, 2014
Thank you so much!! Worked on my D320n from vodafone Spain. Just had to change /sdcard to /storage/external_SD

#15 jsugrumpy, Sep 28, 2014
MS323 - W5

Can confirm working.
#16 Bichofelix, Oct 8, 2014
Does anyone know when the L70 will be getting a cyanogenmod 11 port from developers? It would be nice to get cm already, the bootloader has been unlocked and theirs cwm I would do development for it but everything about porting cm to a new device is so complicated.
#17 AndroidJD, Oct 8, 2014
You just answered your own question and as far as i know, no one is currently working on cm11 or any other AOSP ROM. Everything as been put aside, everyone is busy with life right now.
#18 chevanlol360, Oct 8, 2014
I can say thats 110% true lol
#19 biggiephil, Oct 8, 2014
Give it til January cold and some snow brings extra time to make some custom roms.:eek::p
#20 BRAINZ2013, Oct 8, 2014
Yup true you can't get what you want right away and it hasn't been very long since this phone came out so January it is hopefully.
#21 AndroidJD, Oct 8, 2014
Chevan and Phil have it right :D I have been way too busy with college and work (both full time) to mess with this phone lol.
#22 MikeHoncho, Oct 10, 2014
Alright I understand your really busy :D just give me a little information to build CM or AOSP I'll give it a try. When I'm done I'll be sure to give you enough credit for the help since your a developer yourself
#23 AndroidJD, Oct 10, 2014
Anything you want to know to get a build started can be found by searching Google ;) Besides that, it is mainly fixing build errors and trying to get the thing to boot, something I never had luck with on AOKP
#24 MikeHoncho, Oct 10, 2014
I'm working on cm11 but I can't get the damn thing to flash to even test it.
I keep getting Minzip: extracted file, and when it sets perms it states file not found.

I'm not even getting errors. But when it wasn't booting I wanted to look at logs and figured out that was the problem. I got it to flash once and it booted, but I didnt do anything special.. and I couldn't recreate it. I need some help -.-'
I should also note that I got a status 7 the time it booted - Process elected to fail (in inflate) Which means there wasn't enough space..(?)

I also have a 10c stock rom that won't flash for the same reason. tried both recoveries and get same error.
#25 Bichofelix, Oct 10, 2014