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Dangerous App - purchases too tempting

Lol . So easy to buy stuff!

But no worries, it's their fault if you buy too much... They make it too easy.

I'm being facetious :D
#2 Mikestony, Oct 12, 2017
Turn on three-step verification, that way every time you place an order it sends you a validation code you have to enter, and it sends you your current bank balance. ;) ( y'know, might not be a bad idea. :thinking:)
#3 lunatic59, Oct 12, 2017
Here's my problem with Amazon, I have their Chase CC that gives me 5% back on purchases there. I was just looking at the the Essential phone 'cause that would be a decent 'discount'. Then I remembered I don't need a new phone and can't justify that price, even reduced. So yeah, don't get their CC!

edit: same with a new TV, found a nice Roku one that is pretty cheap for a 55"...that I don't need or want but what a buy!
#4 Clementine_3, Oct 12, 2017
For real security make it send the validation code to your wife/husband...
#5 Hadron, Oct 12, 2017
Or your accountant. :D
#6 lunatic59, Oct 12, 2017
#7 Melissaru, Oct 22, 2017