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Root Debloating the stock system

I've been working on removing apps that I have no use for. I wanted to share what I've been able to successfully remove without killing the phone. This is not all bloat! Some of it is just stuff that I know I will not use, so why have it on the phone?

While both keyboards can be removed, doing so will cripple the stock launcher in safe mode (however, if you make another keyboard a system app, you'll be fine).
Removing LGATCMD Service and/or Software Update will prevent PRL/Profile updating.
Removing NFC Service will completely block NFC functionality.
Removing Qremote will disable use of the IR blaster. There are NO other apps that can be used on this phone at this time.

If you don't want to go through the whole list, a basic summary is that anything that you can re-install from the Play Store or LG App Updates and anything that the stock system will let you disable can be removed.

Another option is to run this debloat script:

Light Debloating (what I've removed)
Code (Text):
  1. All Google Apps aside from the Play Store and Services
  2. Android Keyboard
  3. Browser
  4. Camera
  5. DLNA
  6. Email
  7. Face Unlock
  8. Fav Contacts Widget
  9. LG Backup
  10. LG Keyboard & Themes
  11. LGSearchWidgetProvider
  12. Live Wallpaper Picker
  13. Lumen Toolbar
  14. Memo & Widget
  15. Messaging
  16. Mobile ID
  17. Multi-photo
  18. Music & Widget
  19. QuickMemo
  20. Smart Screen
  21. SmartShare Push
  22. SmartShare.Beam
  23. SmartShareProvider
  24. Swype
  25. Tags
  26. Talkback
  27. Tasks
  28. Voicemail Shortcut (not the actual app, the other thing)
  29. Voice Mate
  30. Weather & Theme
  31. Wireless Storage
  32. zone-libentertainment
Moderate Debloating (courtesy of nerdmax)
Code (Text):
  1. Books
  2. com.qualcomm.location
  3. Google Drive
  5. LGNLPService
  6. LGQremote
  7. LGQVoice
  8. LGTTSPAService
  9. LG Update Center
  10. LG Voice Command
  11. LG Voice Command Service
  12. Magazines
  13. Maluuba QVoice
  14. MLT
  15. Music
  16. Play Games
  17. PlusOne
  18. SprintExtensionProvider
  19. SprintID/MobileID
  20. Sprint Installer
  21. SprintSDM
  22. SPR Skyfire Observer
  23. SPR Skyfire Toolbar
  24. TraditionalVM
  25. UnifiedEULA
  26. Videos
  27. Vtt-Sprint
  28. WIFIOffloader
  29. xtra_T_app
  30. YouTube
  31. zonelibentertainment
Heavy Stripping (courtesy of eduardog131)
Code (Text):
  1. Accessibility
  2. Alarm/Clock (Superseded by Timely)
  3. App Updates
  4. Browser
  5. Calendar + Calendar Storage
  6. Camera (Superseded by Motorola Camera)
  7. Chrome
  8. Clock Widget
  9. com.lge.divx.permission
  10. com.lge.lgfota.permission
  11. com.lge.permission
  12. com.qualcomm.atfwd
  13. ConfigUpdater
  14. Connections Optimizer
  15. DLNA
  16. Drive
  17. EasyHome
  18. Email
  19. Face Unlock
  20. Favorite Contacts Widget
  21. Feather
  22. File Manager
  23. Flashlight
  24. Font Server
  25. Gmail
  26. Google Calendar Sync
  27. Google Partner Setup
  28. Google Play Books, Games, Movies, Music, and Newsstand
  29. Google Search
  30. Google Text-To-Speech Engine
  31. Google+, Hangouts
  32. Home Theme – BunnyFairy
  33. LG Backup
  34. LG Keyboard, Black Theme, Lovely Theme, Natural Theme
  35. LG VoiceCommand SpeechPack
  36. LGATCMD Service
  37. LGInstallService
  38. License Provider (LGApps)
  39. Live Wallpaper Picker
  40. Lock Screen Settings (Superseded by LGLockScreen3)
  41. Maps
  42. Market Feedback Agent
  43. Memo
  44. Memo widget
  45. Multi-Photo
  46. Music Widget
  47. Photo Album
  48. Picasa Uploader
  49. Plug & Pop (Sort of like Touchwiz’s Page Buddy, it’s contextual)
  50. Polar Bear
  51. Preferred Activity Setter
  52. Print Spooler
  53. ProcessObserver
  54. Qualcomm Izat
  55. QuickMemo
  56. QuickRemote
  57. Quickset SDK Lite
  58. Quickset SetUp
  59. Smart Screen, SmartShare Push, SmartShare.Beam, SmartShareProvider
  60. Sprint Installer
  61. SprintExtensionProvider
  62. Streaming Player
  63. Street View
  64. Swype
  65. Tags
  66. TalkBack
  67. Task Manager
  68. Tasks
  69. testAPI
  70. The Little Prince
  71. ThinkFree Viewer
  72. Unified EULA
  73. Unused apps
  74. Update Center
  75. Video Trim
  76. Videos
  77. Voice Command
  78. Voice Mate
  79. Voice Recorder
  80. Visual VoiceMail
  81. VpnDialogs
  82. Weather
  83. WeatherTheme
  84. Wfd Service
  85. Wireless Storage
  86. YouTube


#1 bg4m3r, Sep 23, 2014 Last edited: May 6, 2015
Do you have any idea what dlna, multi photo and tags is for?
#2 donjuro, Sep 24, 2014
Never mind. Found out dlna is a sharing server and multi photo is a live wallpaper, but I still have no idea what tags is.
#3 donjuro, Sep 24, 2014
Multi-Photo lets you have a different wallpaper on each screen of your homescreen. Tags is for use with NFC stuff.

DLNA is that tap to share stuff...you know, because security isn't important. :p
#4 bg4m3r, Sep 24, 2014
***UPDATE*** - Did a factory reset in stock recovery fixed it.

I am now bootlooping. Disabled, stopped, cleared data and cache before uninstalling in link2sd. Next I cleared all app caches, cleaned up dalvik and rebooted now it's bootlooping (re-booting after boost mobile logo animation).

Why? What can I do now?

Everything worked fine EXCEPT, I could not move any apps to the real SD in link2sd. Partitioned with minitool and mounted 4ext.

The only app I uninstalled that is not on the above list was google search and that was yesterday.

**Currently rooted on v3 and have not updated**
#5 Complainter, Oct 25, 2014
Not sure what you did to your phone here, but it sounds like you're going to have to flash a new ROM. Have you tried booting without the SD card in? Having it formatting ext4 might be confusing it. ?


Also, Google Search is listed above...it is included with 'All Google apps except Play Store and Services' ;)
#6 bg4m3r, Oct 25, 2014
When this bootloop happened I did remove the SD but same bootloop. After factory data/wipe in stock recovery it fixed the bootloop. I don't know what could of possibly happened inside the phone its brand new. The first thing I did was towelroot it bought a fresh new sdhc card , partitioned for link2sd and that's when I discovered my problem I didn't want: not being able to move apps to SD .

Also, im pretty positive 4ext is the only option for link2sd to work on the volt. This is what I need to do achieve .
#7 Complainter, Oct 26, 2014
ive noticed once i start removing apps that show up in the settings (like LG backup) my settings APK crashes. i cant open my settings menu. and the only thing that fixes it is a restore of a previous backup. ive tried reinstalling all the deleted apps and also tried reinstalling the settings app itself!!! debloating is giving me a friggin headache
#8 SPHM900, Dec 23, 2014
When removing system apps, your phone is likely to freak out occasionally. Clearing dalvik cache and the cache partition should resolve the issue (can be done in cwm). Sometimes a factory reset may be needed, depending on what you have removed.

Always proceed with caution when messing with your phone.

The reason removing things like LG Backup is whacking out settings is because its controls are provided within the settings app. Once you wipe dalvik and cache, the settings app will adjust to it being gone and not display the options anymore.
#9 bg4m3r, Dec 24, 2014
see i really want to download http://androidforums.com/threads/zv4-de-sprinted-and-de-lged-mostly.876451/page-6

however reading through it eduardog131 removed the activation app. im not so much concerned as about the radio, or totally bricking my phone because i have so many backups and ive basically perfected the V3 restore method lol. im just trying to figure out which APK to backup so i can insert it into his ZIP before i flash it


reread thru the post. downloading the new version now. little worried about radio problems as i have those with stock recovery. this is irreverent to this your tho lol
#10 SPHM900, Dec 24, 2014 Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
Check private message
#11 DaKillaWilla, Dec 24, 2014
Fyi- the second list in this thread is everything that he removed from that ROM.
#12 bg4m3r, Jan 4, 2015
I'm posting here because I found a fix for an issue I had resulting from trimming a little too much...

One of the apps you listed:
-LGATCMD Service

and another you didn't:
-Software Update

I found out at least both of these are required to be installed in order to perform a PRL/Profile update. If you have Software Update and not LGATCMD Service, and try performing a PRL/Profile update you'll get an error saying "LGATCMD Service has stopped.". I restored the service (app only in Titanium Backup) and still got the error, but when I reset the cache+data in settings->apps->all it was fixed.

I'm not 100% sure but here's some other apps that I believe might be associated as well, but haven't tested if they're required:

#13 phillk6751, Jan 7, 2015
Those are from the second list, which is what is removed from eduardogs ROM. I will add a note about that to the post. Thanks for the info. :)
#14 bg4m3r, Jan 7, 2015
So Removing these apps, we just delete them from the file system?
#15 Krisoliver8, Jan 10, 2015
Well, no, you should use something like Titanium Backup, Ultimate Backup, or Link2SD to uninstall them.
You also need to be careful because removing some stuff, particularly in the second list can remove some functions.
You need to be rooted as well, these are mostly system apps.
#16 bg4m3r, Jan 10, 2015
Alright, I wasn't sure, I don't know how much I'm gonna get rid of at this moment, I was just asking because there was nothing in the first post as to how we go about this(i.e. Programs or apps), and i don't recall in any of the other LG Volt root pages giving any reference to the tools we should use to "De Bloat". (I'm not being nit picky, just thorough for first timers like myself).

Also in my case as I stated in another LG Volt Root section I'm rooting an LG Volt that I have no Desier to use as a phone, are there any suggestions as to what phone functions could I remove without bricking it?
#17 Krisoliver8, Jan 10, 2015
The reason you won't find details like how to remove an app is because in the root forum, a certain level of familiarity is assumed. How to uninstall a system app is considered to be general knowledge, and if someone has to ask it lets us know you are very inexperienced or a complete novice. No disrespect intended, we all were completely clueless once, but it tells us you may need a little hand holding or extra explanation. In the mean time, it prevents you from driving your phone off a cliff.

Everything in the lists above can be safely uninstalled without bricking your phone. Some of the stuff in the second list will disable some functionality, like removing the LGATCMD app will disable PRL/Profile updating, which isn't a concern for you since you aren't going to activate it (it may have other negative effects that have not been noticed yet though). However, if you were to uninstall the NFC Service app, you will lose all ability to use NFC functions due to losing access to the hardware. The phone will still work, it just won't be able to do that anymore. Conversely, the DLNA app can be removed because it is just a protocol and can be replaced with a different app.

I add notes as issues arise so people know what to expect when they drop a given app.

Just be careful when removing apps. Make sure you know what it does, and if you aren't sure, either leave it alone, just freeze it, or make a backup of it before uninstalling.

Many of these app are tied into other apps or functions and suddenly removing them can make the phone freak out. Go slow, and if something starts acting weird, reboot and see if it stops, otherwise you might have to wipe the system cache and/or dalvik-cache, or do a factory reset.
#18 bg4m3r, Jan 10, 2015
So dumb question that maybe someone knows the answer to:

I finally rooted my volt to zv5 and came to this thread for debloating advice. After the removal of what I considered unnecessary programs with system app safe remover, I no longer have the ability to switch fonts in system settings>display>font type. I tried other methods of changing fonts, like the apps ifont and Hifont, but neither change nearly as much text font as the stock font settings. Which program did I delete that did this, and can I redownload it? Or maybe I didn't have that option to begin with in zv5?

TL;DR: rooted, debloated, can't change stock fonts. What do wrong?
#19 bumpymind, Jan 21, 2015
Probably fontserver.apk
#20 kwknott, Jan 21, 2015
Unfortunately it isn't that apk, I still have that one downloaded. Could someone confirm that this functionality works on their version of zv5? I don't want to reflash if it doesn't work to begin with.
#21 bumpymind, Jan 21, 2015
I dirty flashed over zv4 I can still change the fonts
#22 jothe 1, Jan 21, 2015
Can you give me the lg backup apk?
#23 shadowsl4yer, Mar 16, 2015
crap. i deleted calendar storage apk when i installed a new calendar in place of the stock one like a dope. would anyone be kind enough to upload a copy of the Volt calendar storage apk pretty please?


edit: er... never mind? it seems to be fixed somehow... no idea what happened there. its working though. very odd.
#24 Daigoro, Apr 16, 2015 Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
I've uninstalled it, someone else might have it though.
#25 bg4m3r, Apr 16, 2015