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General Desk/Night Clock for Galaxy S6

I just replaced my S4 with an S6. The clock on the S4 had a Desk Clock setting that allowed me to use the phone as a Night Clock when attached to the dock. According to Samsung the S6 does not have this feature. I was told to just get an app. I have tried several apps with little to no luck. On one the screen does not come up when docked. On a couple of them the time does not move and I don't want screen burn. Another one is affected by another app on my phone (when I have the alternate app on the phone the night clock app makes continuous beeping noises). Anyway, has anyone else had problems with this feature? Also looking for recommendations for any apps that allow me to use the dock. Thanks.


#1 Robin Forney, Aug 6, 2015
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#2 ali00ali008, Aug 11, 2015

I think this will help you:
#3 Laramie Alves, Jan 19, 2016