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Dialer microphone icon broke, left bottom next to call button

Simply, I used to hit the microphone on the dialer, say a store where I want to go, it would load the store info and I could click a dial phone button and call them. Now NOTHING happens, like buttion is dead. A few days ago while it was breaking, it started playing a video (just heard some audio) when hitting that button, but now nothing. I also turned phone off but it is still not working.

The microphone works fine. I hear the noise when you click the button.
The microphone icon button next the green handset button is what is broken.


#1 sdowney717, May 15, 2018 Last edited: May 15, 2018
Please elaborate on what name and model the device is you are having issues with so AF members can help more efficiently.
#2 KBU2, May 15, 2018 Last edited: May 15, 2018
Quite frankly I've never seen a mic icon on a dialler..and my current phone certainly doesn't.

So I guess it's something specific to the OP's particular phone and/or dialler app. Have you tried restarting the phone, also try clearing data and cache for the dialler app in settings.
#3 mikedt, May 15, 2018 Last edited: May 15, 2018
Galaxy S4 verizon branded running android 5.01
Yes, there is a microphone type icon, it was very useful to find numbers of places I wanted to go. Right now the button is non functional but does make thet beep sound.

I posted the picture, it has always been there on my phone, can't believe my phone is unique. it is right on the bottom row far left next to the green call button. Wife has same phone and her button still works.
#4 sdowney717, May 16, 2018
More than likely it's your touch screen not responding, not the app malfunctioning, since you're wife's seems to work
#5 Dannydet, May 16, 2018
The touch screen must be functioning as when I touch it , the phone makes the beep sound. I may take it to the verizon store and see if they can make it work again. They will likely say phone needs factory reset, which I dont want to do. What surprises me is no one seems to know what I am talking about, do your phones not have this function as another poster shows??

OK, I found out her phone button is also broken, so I was wrong. I did install the Hangouts dialer on both phones, could that have done this? Both phones this button used to work.
#6 sdowney717, May 16, 2018
Never seen that on any phone dialer, anytime so it must be a unique one.
#7 Dannydet, May 16, 2018
I actually had an S4 for a while, and this is the stock dialler I know, NO microphone icon. Which was the dual-SIM Asia variant that I originally purchased in Hong Kong.

Possibly it's some customization that Verizon have done, I guess. Of course I'm not likely to see many of those around here.

Anyone else reading this with a Verizon version S4 care to chime in? :)
#8 mikedt, May 16, 2018
What does your button next to the bottom centered green call button do?

You can see from my first post, the pic shows it as a microphone to a handset, it would when clicked allow you to speak in a place name, then present a list of places in a webview like from google and you could click to call. It was very handy. Now I have to do a google search, so maybe that button was a shortcut.
#9 sdowney717, May 16, 2018

It does a video call to the number that's dialled
. I don't have an S4 now though. The dialler screen-shot I posted previously was from my Huawei Mate 10, and phones in mainland China don't do video calls as it's not supported by the carrier networks here. I also had a Note7 briefly, and can't recall seeing a dialler mic icon on that.

It does sound like a feature only on certain versions of the S4. Was the phone OTA updated at any time?
#10 mikedt, May 16, 2018 Last edited: May 16, 2018
I'm not at all familiar with that phone or dialer but...do you have to allow it to use location? If it's enabled it shows the mic and if not it doesn't??? Oh. I don't know.
#11 Clementine_3, May 16, 2018
Tried, that turn GPS on - off, made no difference.
#12 sdowney717, May 16, 2018
My phone also has a microphone on the dialer to touch and speak contact to call. It saves time trying to dial for a number when you can just ask for it immediately.
#13 KBU2, May 16, 2018
This is my phone dialer with microphone
#14 KBU2, May 16, 2018