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Support Difference between Micro USB AND Micro/mini hdmi

Okay this is a turning out to be a big problem.

Is the cable to connect to the G2X the Micro USB TO HDMI??

or is it micro hdmi to HDMI???

or are micro hdmi and Micro usb same??? so meaning if i get micro usb to hdmi, it will be same thing as getting micro hdmi to Hdmi

It's very confusing this one..

I need to get the rite one


#1 cricketics, Apr 27, 2011
There is a micro HDMI port for micro HDMI to HDMI cable for outputting to the TV.
There is also a micro USB port for micro USB to USB for charging and data transfer to computer.
Two different ports for two different purposes.
#2 phaet2112, Apr 27, 2011
I know about the ports.. But which cable do i need to buy really. I want to buy the rite cable.

OKay, all I want to do is connect my phone to tv. Now to do that, my phone needs to be connected to HDMI on tv. Now after knowning all that, I am just simply asking which cable do i need to buy.

Because when i checked, some places they are selling - Micro usb to hdmi for g2x. so i got confused. Why is it being called Micro USB when it's supposed to have be micro hdmi

Look at this following link


here it's being referred as micro usb to hdmi..
#3 cricketics, Apr 27, 2011
Only in the title.

Here's the product description from your link:

Also, here's another link to an even cheaper website.


I just ordered some other cables, can't believe I didn't get an Micro HDMI one. Ah well, guess I'll just have to go and spend more money. :D
#4 aquaitious, Apr 28, 2011
Kool man.. Thanks for the reply. Ya was wonderintg the pic seems fine and the title was messed up. Guess I was right.

Cheers mate
#5 cricketics, Apr 28, 2011
I just picked one up on Amazon for $1.06. With shipping it was $4.04. Best Buy wanted $35!
#6 whbizlaw, May 19, 2011
I get what you are saying cricketics. I was wondering same thing. I have seen that to see a cellphone screen on a tv I need a micro usb to female hdmi adapter and then a male hdmi to male hdmi lead. However if I can fit a micro hdmi directly into the phone's micro usb port then all I would need is a micro hdmi male to standard hdmi cable (and no need for an adapter). In other words the micro hdmi would have to be same shape and do same job as a micro usb. Which of the 2 options is correct?...1..use a micro usb to standard hdmi female adapter plus normal hdmi male to male high speed extension lead or 2.. just use a micro hdmi to normal hdmi high speed lead.
#7 bps, Feb 27, 2013
I've got a LG Optimus dynamic 2 (l39) I bought a micro usb-hdmi cable, and it doesn't work, it's a 5 pin which I was told was correct, but nothing. is this locked on the phone? is their an app I can download to get around this?
#8 jakedubz262, Feb 21, 2015
Stop now.

Micro HDMI is a separate kind of port, popular back in 2010.

If your phone has an MHL port (looks like a microUSB port, is called a microUSB port by most, but isn't, it's an MHL port) - then you use a standard MHL adapter and you're done.

If you don't have an MHL port, you're done.
You're cross-posting - don't do that.

I'll answer a second time and that's it - your phone does not have an MHL port, return the cable for a refund, it's never going to work.
#9 EarlyMon, Feb 21, 2015