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While at home I connect my galaxy N3 to my wifi, I use showbox to stream movies and watch them on the TV. I always have to use my samsung blueray to simultaneously stream to my phone and then to the blueray then to TV. Lately playback is getting a lot of pauses.

If I have the movie downloaded to my phone I can connect to my TV and watch with no pauses. I would prefer not to have to download the movies, I'd rather just stream them.

I found out by accident that Youtube has an icon similar to the allshare, when I touch it I get a choice of what device to connect to, including Vizio DTV. When selected, it plays to my TV and play back is fair, with just a bit of shuddering. Youtube is the only app I can connect directly to my vizio tv. I don't even see the TV as an option on showbox or through the video player app.

I've gone through all the setting I can think of to look through...

Anyone have any ideas?


#1 cntryby, Apr 10, 2014
What is it you want to watch? BluRay disks, online movies, something else? You're not to clear on that.

"If I have the movie downloaded to my phone" Downooad it from the BluRay palyer or from the internet?

If from the BluRay player, just connect the player to one of the inputs on the TV. If from the internet, and your TV isn't internet-equipped, you have to use something to get it grom the internet and to your phone.

With a Samsung TV, you can use Screen Mirroring (bottom of the Connections page) so the TV showa what the phone does, then just "watch" the movie on the phone, but keep your eyes on the TV.
#2 Rukbat, Apr 11, 2014
Connect the phone to the TV using Screen Mirroring (bottom of the Connections page). Then whatever is on the phone gets streamed to the TV.
#3 Rukbat, Apr 11, 2014
Sorry for the delay, life just won't slow down.

Showbox is a streaming service that I use.

I tried the screen mirroring and everything else I could think of, then when I went to show my daughter what I was trying to do... it worked, :eek: even without turning on screen mirroring.

Just plugged it in and it worked. wierdness...:rolleyes:

Actually, part of that life move'n to fast stuff, got an mhl adapter and that is working, screen mirroring still doesn't find the tv via wireless.

From your response I guess you're not familiar with showbox, you can stream movies or download them to your device to watch anytime you may not have a data or wifi connection. You can choose the resolution you want to speed up downloads or control data amounts... etc. Movies are fairly current, usually as soon or quicker than redbox or netflix. I can stream movies from my wifi to my phone, and use allshare to watch the movie on my big TV & surround sys... pretty awesome app!

I was getting some chop and pausing doing it all wireless, but think it is resolved by bridging my modem for my home network and changing the band use in my home network router.
#4 cntryby, Apr 15, 2014
I can't understand watching stuff from my phone on my TV at home when one has smart tvs or blu-ray players that have all the apps like Netflix etc. I can understand doing when one is traveling and Samsung has a micro USB to hdmi cable for that
#5 Reggie3, Apr 16, 2014
Show me any TV, or any other device designed to sit in your home, that has "showbox".

Netflix, amazon, crackle, vudu... they all pale compared to showbow.
#6 cntryby, Apr 16, 2014
Chromecast works very well for streaming
#7 Fasz Kalap, Apr 16, 2014
Frome my original post...

If my phone can connect directly to my TV with youtube then I shouldn't need any other device to connect.
#8 cntryby, Apr 18, 2014
Follow this:
#9 hazman1, Dec 6, 2016