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Root [DISCONTINUED][ROM][5.1.1][MS345] Unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 for LG Leon

DISCLAIMER: Neither I, or anyone else is responsible for anything YOU do to your device. YOU are flashing this ROM at YOUR own risk!!!

This ROM is for MetroPCS LG Leon Only. What is LEPT-Development? We are a team of Developers who work on Low-End devices (Low-End Project Team Development)


  • Root
  • Unlocked Bootloader (must be on stock 10B)
  • New TWRP Recovery made for CM

Version: 2015-07-12
Built By: @Noobified
Status: Stable

People to Thank:

  • @chevanlol360
  • @vm03 - Helping me when I have questions
  • jonhaney
  • @Noobified - Building and sharing his tree with the Leon users and fixing bugs



If I forgot anyone, please let me know and I will fix it. If I got your contributions wrong then send me a PM and I will gladly fix it.



    • Almost Everything
Not Working:

    • Camera
    • GPS
    • You tell me??
Install (Make a backup once in recovery):

    • Download .zip and save to sdcard
    • Boot to recovery
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    • Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
    • Install CM12 zip via New TWRP
    • Reboot



#1 MikeHoncho, Jul 12, 2015 Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
Not tested: MMS receiving.
#2 Bichofelix, Jul 12, 2015
You guys are the best . thanks for all your hard work.
#3 antonioblee1, Jul 12, 2015
Do data work for metropcs
#4 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Yes @rootkings
#5 MikeHoncho, Jul 12, 2015
Finally I report back what's no working I let u know I'm going to do a good backup just in case
#6 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Everything works.
#7 Bichofelix, Jul 12, 2015
This was fairly quick, thanks for the new ROM. What version of Gapps would one recommend?
#8 Rondeau7, Jul 12, 2015
I'm getting an error flashing. saying that the ROM is not for this phone.

Edit: Lol nvm.
#9 hemidrosis, Jul 12, 2015
How u fix it
#10 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
#11 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Read the requirements @rootkings
You need the twrp I linked
#12 MikeHoncho, Jul 12, 2015
I got the latest twrp as u see
#13 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
I download the new twrp do I need to remove assert lines by any chance
#14 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Nope, just follow the install instructions after installing twrp and you will be good
#15 MikeHoncho, Jul 12, 2015
Bug is battery and when someone call me my lte disappear
#16 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Two bugs I caught battery and lte disappear
#17 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
No bugs here at all.
#18 antonioblee1, Jul 12, 2015
I have it on my side I flash it correctly the battery stays on zero why is that
#19 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Battery stats will be fixed in next build. Not entirely sure about lte why calling.
#20 Noobified, Jul 12, 2015
What should I do about the battery problem keep it plug in or what
#21 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
There is no problem it's just reporting zero. Go into recovery if you want to see the actual battery percent or just wait till build is finished.
#22 Noobified, Jul 12, 2015
BC if I unplug my phone it shuts down like is empty but u did a great job just little bugs
#23 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015
Went into recovery, made a backup. Flashed the zip booted but kept rebooting in start up phase.
#24 Rondeau7, Jul 12, 2015

Front video isn't working that's another bug
#25 rootkings, Jul 12, 2015