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Does the community Samsung owners use Samsung pay?

I've never used it.. and have no interest in ever using it.
#2 psionandy, Oct 7, 2017
I have been using it lately and it feels very convenient to not have to reach for my wallet. Just Seeing everybody's experience.
#3 Taylor Jones, Oct 7, 2017
I tried it a few times, found it to be a bigger pain than just pulling out the credit card.
#4 PRDo, Oct 7, 2017
When I had a Note7 for a few weeks last year, I tried registering Samsung Pay but it wouldn't accept my bank. But there's only relatively few places accept it, which are usually the more upscale(expensive) stores and restaurants, same with Apple Pay. Most everybody uses TenPay or AliPay, and just about every place accepts that around here, including night market sellers, taxis, etc, because those don't require any merchant service credit card terminals at all, which Samsung Pay does require.
#5 mikedt, Oct 10, 2017
Although i own devices from most manufacturers, I've never used Samsung pay... Android pay i have used as it's currently connected to my business account.

Android pay is the same, limited greatly as most places here don't have a clue what it is.
#6 James L, Oct 11, 2017
I've personally no interest in using a manufacturer-specific payment system.

I can see what's in it for Samsung: they get a cut of payments and they lock customers in because if the change manufacturer they lose it. But the first makes no difference to me, the second is actively against my interests. So even if I had a Samsung phone that supported it I wouldn't use it.

(I actually don't use any mobile payment system, but if I were to do so I'd pick one that was available on different manufacturers' devices rather than Samsung pay, LG pay or whatever).
#7 Hadron, Oct 11, 2017
I've never used it.
#8 mohamedsaber00, Oct 11, 2017