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Dropbox and .pdf issue

I have a .pdf (not corrupt) in Dropbox. It opens. If I get a link from Dropbox and email it to another phone (both android) it won't open. If I get that same link back via Gmail, it won't open on my phone saying "invalid .pdf". Both have Acrobat reader installed and it repeats with any .pdf file. Dropbox help says it's an Android problem!


#1 jonmal, Sep 9, 2017
What happens if you share the file directly from your dropbox?
#2 lunatic59, Sep 9, 2017
Assuming you're sharing a link via the Dropbox app on your phone, have also you tried viewing that file and/or getting the link by using a web browser and logging into your Dropbox account?
Does the file open properly using your browser?
#3 svim, Sep 9, 2017
I'll have to try that.
#4 jonmal, Sep 9, 2017