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Root Easiest way to root htc evo design 4g


Ok, here we go.

In order to root your Evo Design you'll need to unlock your bootloader, flash recovery, flash su binary, and install superuser and busybox. In this guide I will try to explain these steps as simply as I can. My goal is for it to be thorough enough that anyone that reads it can root their phone and enjoy the full benefits of this nifty little phone.

First and foremost, you will need to install the Java SE Development Kit. You won't use this directly in any way, but you need it in order to install the Android SDK.
Here is a wiki article that also explains how to install the Android SDK

Download link to the Java SE Development Kit (also called JDK)

After installing the Java JDK, you will have to install the Android SDK which contains two tools that are essential to gaining root. They are adb (Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot. These tools are used to send files to your phone from a Windows command prompt. You will need these tools to unlock your bootloader and flash recovery.

Download link to Android SDK

Instructions on installing the SDK

Adding packages to the SDK.

Once you have the Java JDK and the Android SDK installed you will need to install the proper drivers for your phone. This one is pretty straightforward and necessary for your phone to be recognized while plugged into your computer. After you have the HTC drivers installed you can begin the fun parts, but first you will need a few things.

Download for HTC Drivers

You will need a recovery.img. 2fast4u88's unofficial ClockWorkMod Recovery version and are the only two recoveries I have used since I got my Evo Design. Many thanks to him for putting in so much work to get this device where it is today.

Download for CWM Recovery recovery.img

Also, you'll need su binary version efghi. This is the actual file that will root your device. It is a flashable .zip file that you save to your sdcard and flash in recovery. You'll be amazed at how easy this step is.

Download for su binary version efghi

Download for su binary version 3.0.7 efghi

I believe version only works on Gingerbread, so if you're running ICS use 3.0.7.

The superuser app is like the control center for apps that request root permissions after you're finally rooted. You will need to install this app and then Busybox, both of which can be found in the Google Play Store. After installing the Busybox app you will need to actually install busybox. The app itself is basically an installer for Linux applets that are required by root apps such as Titanium Backup and Root Explorer among many others.

Now that you have a basic overview of what it is you will be doing and the files need to do it, the only thing left is to actually perform these steps and root your device. So, les do dis.

1. Unlock your bootloader at You will need to sign up and you will be warned that unlocking your bootloader will void your warranty. Once you've followed all instructions at the website an unlock token will be emailed to you. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE. You can place it in the platform tools folder of the Android SDK and use fastboot in command prompt to relock and unlock your bootloader whenever you like. Also, anytime you unlock your bootloader all data will be wiped so be sure you sync all your contacts and backup other information first before performing this step.

2. After unlocking your bootloader you will need to flash a recovery.img. The manual way to flash recovery is to place the downloaded recovery.img for 2fast4u88's unofficial ClockWorkMod recovery port of version in the platform-tools folder of the Android SDK. Power down your phone but be sure that Fast Boot in Power under the settings menu is unchecked or it will just reboot normally instead of into bootloader (also called hboot) like you want. After it's been powered down for a minute or two, press and hold Volume down then press and hold the power button. When the white HTC splash screen appears you can let go. Scroll down with the volume down button and select fastboot by pressing power. Plug your phone into your computer and open a command prompt, then run these commands without quotations.

"cd C:\android\platform-tools" (This is where adb and fastboot live. It may be different for you depending on where you installed the SDK. I always suggest installing it to the root of your C: drive.)

"fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"

Should only take a few seconds, then you have yourself a recovery partition and you can proceed to the next step after rebooting. Yay!

3. Next, we're going to flash the su binary in recovery. First, you'll need to place it on your sdcard. Doesn't matter where exactly just as long as you can find it. I would suggest the root of your sd just to make things easier on yourself. After you have the su binary zip saved to your sdcard power off your phone and boot into hboot. Now, I can't remember which, but either hboot or fastboot will have an option to boot into Recovery. Once you're booted into recovery, select "install zip from sdcard," then "choose zip from sdcard." Scroll down and find the su binary then select it. Pressing the Up Vol button will take you directly to the end if you don't want to scroll all the way through. After selecting the su binary zip select "yes" to flash. It's a small file, so it won't take long. When it's done select "reboot to system" and we'll move on to the next step because you just rooted your phone.

4. But, you're not done yet. You need to install the superuser app and the busybox app in that order. This is the easy part because both apps are free in the Play Store. Install Superuser, then Busybox. You shouldn't have to interact with the Superuser app, but if you want to set an automatic response to apps that request root you can open it and go to Preferences. Scroll down and you should see a few options. I have mine set to automatically grant su permission to apps that request it because I have no reason not to lol. I also unchecked the option to receive a notification every time an app is granted root permission because that junk just gets annoying. Next, after you install the Busybox app, you'll need to actually install Busybox. The app is merely an installer for the actual Busybox applets that govern root apps. The app should open automatically after you install it. You should see it in your notification bar. Open it up and follow the prompts. When you're done, reboot your phone.

5. ??? (or check that you have root access in the superuser app or the root checker app by Joey Krim)

6. Profit...err, I mean congratulations! You should now have a rooted Evo Design 4G. Enjoy. I hope this guide is both complete and comprehensive enough that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a rooted device, but if I've missed something or if you have any questions whatsoever, please post them here and I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner. I hope you enjoy rooting your device, but please be careful. You now have administrator privileges, so use them wisely. I would highly suggest installing Quick Boot from the Play Store so that you can boot into recovery easily without having to go through hboot. I would also suggest using your newly installed app that requires root access to boot into recovery and make a backup. If anything should ever happen to your phone's system and data you will have a backup and can restore it to that state. Again, I hope you enjoy. I apologize for this being such a lengthy guide, but hopefully you understand the wonderful world of Android a little better for having read it.


#1 swtnss, Mar 9, 2013
and it works too!
#2 rc pilot, Mar 9, 2013
I have an android phone named the Spice Csl mi 360 Switch Star that i try to root without using pc because it doesnt have any driver installed ... and the phone always say that it doesnt have su binary anytime i try to root it .. what is the best software can i use to root the gingerbread phone ... and how to install the su binary without using pc ... this type of phone is one family with the csl spice mi 410 ...
#3 rexxx, Mar 10, 2013
SWTNSS-need your help!
The link you posted for the HTC drivers does not work, is there a new one? Also, I've noticed that drivers aren't needed on a Mac when rooting the Evo 4G LTE, so I'm wondering if that also applies to the Design. I'm def stuck!!
#4 NYCdesign, Mar 19, 2013
Thank you for this. Worked like a charm. Sprint evo design ics 4.0.3

Is Titanium Backup really worth it? is there a decent trial version?
#5 mad_mardigan, Mar 20, 2013
here is the htc drivers.
#6 swtnss, Mar 28, 2013
you can go to the goole play store and download the free trial of titanium backup. its a good app if you want to back up your phone.
#7 swtnss, Mar 28, 2013
with the design you need the drivers.
#8 swtnss, Mar 28, 2013
you can try z4root or super one click to root your phone. you can also try and download the su binary first and then try this method.
#9 swtnss, Mar 28, 2013
im not taking credit for none of this, it is the name in the thread that did this, im just sharing it.
#10 swtnss, Apr 7, 2013
working perfectly :)
#11 ahmed zitoon, Apr 10, 2013
OK, I have a couple of questions that havent been asked, so I shall before I try to root my Design. I found 2 different sites for rooting this phone. I just want to know if I can use either one, or use just one. It seems thanks went to the same people that posted the instructions here, but different steps are being taken to root. Here is the link to the first set of instructions I found on xda developers. and then the instructions on here.
Also, I have not activated this phone yet on my account. Can I root the phone without having it activated?? just a couple of questions I need answered before I start.
#12 jfalbino, Apr 11, 2013
THANK YOU Buddy, it works great and very simple
#13 imagecolour, May 15, 2013
Is there a way to follow this guide with just a file manager ? I dont have a computer lol. I mean is there a way to do most of this stuff without a pc ? ie: astro file manager, poot debug, ministro 2, and of course super user ? It should be simple :p
#14 mogunsforme, Jun 12, 2013
Thanks so much for the guide... I was able to root my design... encouraged to do more, smile.
#15 Waliakbar, Jul 16, 2013
Thanks again SWTNSS (shades of Walter Payton) for the guide... it worked!!! although there were a few "nervous" moments... NOW, does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of the bloatware that comes on the phone??? is there software of do you have to remove it app by app???
#16 Waliakbar, Jul 16, 2013
I need alittle (alot) of help. I have down loaded all the files and extracted the zipped ones. I have my bootloader unlocked but when i get to the part about the command prompts i am lost. Please help I am a noob
#17 Jamie B, Nov 7, 2013
i'm stuck in the 3rd step. Please help. I saved the binary su in the root of sd. but when i try to flash it in recovery it shows following screen.


SD Checking...
No Image!
No Image or Wrong Image!
No Image!
No Image or Wrong Image
No Image!
No Image!

Since its on GingerBread so I used the su binary version efghi.
#18 ankitjain, Feb 14, 2014
So Close PLEASE can you help.
I followed this guide about a year ago & got to the image you see linked. To be blunt I do not recall where I left off in the rooting process except to say I'm dead ended. Where did my efforts go wrong and what do I need to do in order to finally get this rooted? Also please tell me what bearing info in this thread: may have on my results. THANK YOU

#19 mabwah, Aug 17, 2015
oops this i mentioned in the post but linking failed Thanks Again
#20 mabwah, Aug 17, 2015
The exchange at Android Central is between people who don't know what they're talking about so it has no bearing on your case.

You have a file on your SD card named - delete it.

I don't know what version of what you put there but delete it.

Your bootloader is unlocked.

To finish, you're going to need a custom recovery.

Once you've deleted the file, go to HBOOT and from there, RECOVERY.

Tell me what you see - a clear picture would be great.

I don't expect to be back today but I'll check as soon as I can.
#21 EarlyMon, Aug 17, 2015
I just wanted to say thank you! so much for your help on this. Got the darn thing rooted though it was a bit of a beast. I really do appreciate your following up it would have been easy to drop this thread as an archaic equipment issue. I just use common sense when it comes to tech sure the phone is a bit outdated however its by no means obsolete... for my purposes anyway.
Thank You again
#22 mabwah, Aug 21, 2015
Hi again,
I'm using this rom h**p:// its a great rom BUT lacks speech recognizer. Yes srsly there simply is no speech input... my thinking goes YOU HAVE GOT TO BE F*CKING KIDDING ME! The rom is based off android 4.0.3. So, this being the case, is there a simple way to add speech recognition to the rom? If not then having experienced all the other goodness of this rom it would seem the logical route is to go back to stock rom and customize the heck out of it which will ofc be a total pain. Also, is the recognition left out on this rom due to limitations of the phone/hardware and compatibility with 4.0.3 version of android?
THANK YOU ( i really can't express how much caring people on the webs have helped me in forums just like this one)
#23 mabwah, Sep 23, 2015