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Email app not working

Hi all

I just recently purchased an Acer Iconia tablet. Everything was working fine including the emails until, suddenly for no reason that I could tell, my email account stopped receiving mail. The tablet confirms that all information is correct before signing me in and the account works on both of my computers and my android cell phone. My gmail account and my sister's account receive emails on the tablet and I can also send emails without any issues. If I try and load new emails, a bar comes across the top of the tablet saying "Connection Problem ( <email account> ).

Any help welcome and gratefully received!
Thanks so much


#1 Emerules, Oct 20, 2012
Hey emerules I would say try clearing the cache of the email app and data of it too if that doesn't solve try a factory reset :)
Hope this helps
#2 StarScream2109, Oct 20, 2012
Hi StarScream2109

Thanks for your help, but still no emails! A factory reset was one of the first things I tried and I was really surprised when it didn't work!

Thanks for the help
#3 Emerules, Oct 20, 2012
Yes, this is super annoying, I'm going to look into this further however my issue is slightly different. According to my native email application, my user name & or the password is incorrect at no avail. Lets just say; logging in on android web browser is a fine deal. Understanding, I've used my AOL account previously on my phone. No luck..
#4 Jody Cyatix, Mar 2, 2014